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How to put TWO Fiio A3s together for my Cowon Plenue D??

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  1. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Or earwax compressed like cork. It happens, and why my ENT told me to quit it with Q-tips unless whoever does anything like that can see what they're doing, ie, pulling/shoveling instead of unintentionally pushing.
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  2. Fessy
    No because I put in some olive oil to take out the hard wax and clean it properly so there is nothing there. Seriously I can hear fine, touch wood, don't jinx me now lol.
  3. Fessy
    So I will put up my A3 for trade for the A5, I doubt anyone will trade lol but we'll see what happens.
  4. ceemsc
    I would look at the impedance & sensitivity of the headphones you are using as I can't believe 90+ dBr is not enough to suit listening requirements.

    A short intro video to explain to new hobbyists :
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  5. Fessy
    Thing is, with the current headphones, beats ep red, they never show you with them lol. Thing is, most songs are "crazy loud" on them, like my old hifi's that we auxed (sp?) lol but when it comes CD rips, even flac, it seems low, not completely low but just below "crazy loud" lol. So that's why I wanted to double the power lol. But it's OK, ama just get the A5 soon.

    I will check the video tomorrow as it is nearly midnight here and need to be up early. Thank you for your input!
  6. Fessy
    Hey everybody,

    This might sound stupid but is there a difference between the black and silver versions of the Fiio A5? The reason I'm asking is because certain people or websites have both on but the black one cheaper? I will be getting it next week so just want to make sure.
  7. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    It's just like how Mazda sells Torch Red and Sonic Blue cars for more than any other colour.
  8. Fessy
    Ah OK, thank you for clarifying.
  9. Fessy
    Hi to everyone in this thread. So I bought my Fiio A5 and received it on the 20th Feb. Had a play around with it and it seems better than the A3. I have a couple questions though if you can help me please?:

    1) From the pictures below that I have uploaded, I want to put my DAP at the bottom like that so that the bands don't cover up the battery indicators, bass button and the charging port like it does if the DAPs at the top with the bands. Is the following link what I need to connect it together? And would a 0.15m or 0.25m length be better? Or the other lengths that are available on the link be better? I want it short not that long so it doesn't dangle around and annoy me lol. Also, will this cable change the audio quality? If it does, can you show me 1 that won't please.

    Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B0....5mm+0.25m&dpPl=1&dpID=41pERiP9s3L&ref=plSrch

    IMG_20180224_2011151.jpg IMG_20180224_2011253.jpg

    2) And lastly, if I want to put the A3 as well as my A5 at the back so if 1 dies I don't need to pull them apart, is there a cable of some sort that will allow me to "switch" between them? Or connect them together and all I need to do is change where the headphone goes?

    Hope someone can help me please because when I'm out and about and 1 dies it takes forever changing over to the other amp lol .

    Thanks in advance!
  10. ceemsc
    Answer 1)

    Why not make the rig bottom the long edge so all the connections can be pushed closer together before covering the battery lights?

    Answer 2)

    Why compromise the rig with the A3 anymore, use your best amps for this rig & use the A3 for something else... If you want extend battery life > 10+ hours, slot in an Anker rechargeable battery.
  11. buke9
    Shorter is always better but would not make any difference I would think. Switching between the two don’t know just seems weird as you are going to have to change the headphones from the one amp that is working to the other so not much trouble changing inputs. If you find a small switch that would swap two poles then a cable could be made.
  12. Fessy
    Answer 1) Sorry but what's the rig or rig bottom? I have the DAP pushed up towards the connectors usually but I don't want to do that because otherwise the indicators get covered. I don't know if I got what you meant, wrong . Do you mean rotate it and make it landscape??

    Edit: Ohh, do you mean put the bands on the left and right side of the DAP so the bands are on vertically rather than horizontally?

    Answer 2) Again, I don't know what the rig is :/ sorry lol. How would I connect the battery to make the amp last longer? Would it be charging the amp whilst I'm using it? Sorry, I'm not very technical lol. And what mAh version of it is the best? Could you link me to one please?
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2018
  13. Fessy
    Oh ok. Well I don't know anything about poles and such :/ lol. I hoped there would be like a hdmi switcher, you can just press the button and switch between the inputs or something lol.
  14. buke9
    Well a HDMI switcher is about the size of a pack of cards. Now you are going to make me look.
  15. Fessy
    Yeah lol. Haha sorry ^^. It would make it easier for me but as ceemsc said, an Anker rechargeable battery would be good too. But he hasn't replied back as to how I would connect it to my amp so waiting on that, unless you want to chime in?
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2018
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