How To Make Clip-Ons More Comfortable?
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Aug 18, 2006
I just bought a pair of Sony DR-BT30Q's today out of spite (Along with a pair of SE110's and another SE210), 'cause I've never actually had a fully wireless set of headphones that didn't have a dongle (I usually use IEMs only, that's why)

For those that don't know, it's a bluetooth headset

My main set would always be IEMs though; these would be for times where I find wires a hassle (which is why I'm going to buy an mp3 player with KLEER, other than the RCA, and pair it up with the Sennheiser MX W1's)

But I was wondering, how do u make the actual clip on it more comfortable? It's made out of hard plastic, so it's not all that great; so yeah, is there anything i can cover it with or something to make the clip more comfortable?
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I turned the PX200's to clip-ons when the headband broke.

I used some thick gauge spring steal and shaped it exactly to each of my ears. Then I dipped the ends in that tool-grip stuff that you can easily pick up cheap at the hardware store. It made a very nice rubberized coating on a custom fit clip. They worked out very nicely.

Now you need to ask yourself if it is worth the hassle.
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oooo that's a good idea; what exactli do u mean by "dipped"? did u like, melt the stuff or something and put it in? o.O iunno it might jus be me thinking too much....

and imo, it ISNT worth the hassle, but i'd rather actualli WANT to use em when i hafta, then be reluctant to put em on, even though it won't be that many times
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Well, you might just wanna try getting this stuff and dipping you clips in it. It is just a small can and you don't need to melt it or anything. It is just a liquid that is used to re-grip tools.

Fortunately I got to us ethis for free because it was in the shop in the engineering construction lab.
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Oooooo yeah I think that's what he was talking about; sadly for me though, I couldn't find it at my local Home Depot (I live in Canada; Toronto ON, so im limited by the number of stores as opposed to ppl in the US)

I'll try looking aroudn for that; if i cant find it, i'll probably just buy it off the site.

Thanks you guys

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