How to I can buy 1964 ears' custom IEM?
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Lee June

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Aug 17, 2015
I have great intersting to buy 1964 IEM

So, I sent e-mail including inquiry to and

and have any of reply.

I live in south Korea where is no dealer with 1964ears.

That's why I couldn't recieve reply from them?

Or should I contact them in other ways?
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Perhaps your email is being filtered before 1964ears receives it?
There is a phone number you can call, but I am not sure how much that would cost etc.  Be mindful of the time difference.
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Thanks for your help.
I'm not native english speaker and what I can do is just reading and writing
I wish they reply me so that I can buy 1964 IEM....
So dissappointing that I don't have any means of connecting them.......
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I just looked at the website. You go into the product page, click the Launch IEM Designer (it's an app, not the Engineer who designed it), you pick options and hit Next at each stage. Then you add it to your Cart like any internet transaction but you first pick whether you're sending in your own ear impressions or they send you a kit first. 
The only thing you really need to contact them for is if they have any instructions for the audiologist doing your ear impressions.
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You can buy directly from their site, just go to Products, select your Model, and then enter the IEM Designer.
Their current build times are upward of 6 weeks just so you know!
I have been waiting over a month now and still in build progress.
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Yes, they said to me it is important following their ear-impression guide
So, I will bring it when making my ear-impression.
It's so delightful that I will get 1964 custom IEM in about 2months
anyway, Thanks!

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