how to explain it to the un-enlightened
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Whenever I show people my gear I preface it with a speech about how I am insane. Because honestly the amount of money I'm spending on this stuff is. The thing is with a lot of my friends is if they have that kind of money they start a loan without interest program or give it to charity. So its really hard for me to rationalize to them (or myself) the kind of money I'm spending. Honestly, my parents and grandparents all have had trained ears as concert pianists and opera singers, and when they listen to my setup they love it, but they still say its not worth it. And I agree.
I just can't help myself.
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I get such questions a lot. I simply ask them what the point of having music to listen to or forking out the money for a DAP at all is if one can't enjoy it to it's fullest extent. That usually quiets them. If they still press, I let them listen to my headphones, and they really understand then what they're missing with their iBuds, Skullcandy, or even Bose.
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Had a similar experience here...

When asked why my HT setup cost me upwards of several thousand, I just sit the questioner down on the sofa, and precede to start Transformers on my 52" TV...that usually shuts them up (or makes their jaw drop, in several cases..), and i don't even have my subwoofer yet (getting a 15" Cadence)
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Hmm, as someone who is dipping their toes into higher quality audio, perhaps I should prepare for this kind of thing :p

Granted, some of the students at my school will be aspiring sound engineers, so perhaps not so much.

But I think that the music will speak for itself. Let them plug in the buds that came with their iPod, then try my amped Senns. Hopefully, it'll be night and day for them.
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I mainly have more of an issue with my fiance than anyone else. People at work and such atleast seem to be interested in what Im talking about, and ask questions. And all want to hear this or that, My woman on the other hand is always complaining about the money I spend on this hobby. To her it makes no difference she does admit they sound better but to her a pair of stock earbuds from her blackberry is sufficient and her stock car stereo. However I think maybe some HD800s will wow her with the detail and vast soundstage I anticipate.

But than again, she always is like "oh cool you hear some details that no one else can normally, so what?" it doesnt seem big to her.
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Yeah, my issues are mostly with my girl. But the thing is, she's not like a lot of girls. She doesn't actually own a ton of shoes, purses, etc. And she's very responsible with her money. I on the other hand, obsess over stuff, and would gladly fork out my earnings. Some people just won't understand, and sometimes you'll get nagged about it. It just happens.
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Originally Posted by eduj /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Most people don't even know what "good sound" is.They have no idea what to hear for.

That's probably true... but maybe if they heard it a few times they might know

I just know if somebody brings something new in, even if it's not a hobby of mine, I'm usually interested. Maybe it's just a personality difference...
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You'll find coffee aficionados ,lets call them coffeephiles,think cheap instant coffee from the super market is bad. I'm not an expert, but I don't doubt there is better coffee out there for a higher price.But I still buy the cheap instant coffee Nescafé or whatever is on sale.I just want some coffee,the taste and the smell are not that important to me.I'm not a “coffeephile” so i don't care if better and more expensive coffee exists.
That is how the majority of people see audiophiles.
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I won it on "The Price is Right".

It was my dads.

A friend owed me some money.

I'm keeping it for a friend.

Your mom bought it for me.

My kids peed me off and I spent their college tuition.

You should see my photo gear.

This is what Jesus would do.

The sports cars, golf membership, home furhishings and investments didn't tip you off?

My dad owns a stereo store.

I got it all for $75 at the pawn shop.

Fell out of the back of a truck.

It was here when I moved in.

The library lends it out weekly.

It was a door prize.

I was the ninth caller.

It's part of Zanth's loaner program.

It replaces the zanax and zoloft.

The doctor says I am booze or drug intolerant.

I never plan on getting sick.

I won the bet.

I was the 1,000,000th visitor.
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"This is what Jesus would do."

ahahah That cheered me up. Good list.
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The better question is, why do you need to explain it to the unenlightened? Sure, they're unenlightened to you because they're not into headphones, but you're unenlightened to them because you're not into flashlights, pens, beer, wine, movies, handbags, shoes, whatever have you. It's a niche hobby and that's all it's going to be to people that aren't a part of it, and there's nothing wrong with that.

And it's not as simple as "listen to this!" since (mostly) nobody cares. It's as if I brought some giant 6000 lumen car-battery powered flashlight and said "watch this!" Yeah, it's bright. Great. Now where's the next top-tier canalphone?

Now using your headphone knowledge to feel better about yourself than those that don't have it is a different story. Plenty of that around here too.
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Originally Posted by 883dave /img/forum/go_quote.gif
"I have to hide the profits from selling heroin and cocaine, so I buy audio equipment"

Then the looks get really wierd

I haven't been here for a few day, but that made me laugh. Do you mind if I use it?

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