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How to Equalize RF Wireless Headphones with Windows 10? Please Advise.

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blinkstar, Sep 20, 2018.
  1. blinkstar
    My Oculus Rift headphones died and I'm switching to RF headphones, which connect to my PC via a USB dongle. My problem is that the sound I'm getting is a little harsh/sibilant and I'd like to try to change it with an equalizer, but Windows 10 gives me almost no options to adjust the sound. It also insists my headphones are "speakers" and will not let me reclassify them correctly ...

    Any advice on getting Windows to play nice with my headphones?
  2. Zenvota
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  3. blinkstar
    Thanks a lot, Zenvota!

    Windows 10 does NOT allow headphones to be set to "full range." It only gives you that option for Speakers. Windows 10 will NOT let you reclassify a pair of RF headphones as speakers, so you can't get around the problem that way. Does Equalizer APO have a setting for this?
  4. Zenvota
    I'm confused, what's the problem? In your OP you said it was classifying the headphones as speakers, but now your saying it won't let you reclassify headphones as speakers?
  5. blinkstar
    I have two sets of wireless headphones: Hyperx Flight, and Plantronics RIG 800HD.

    Windows correctly recognizes the Flight headphones as headphones and--because the geniuses at Microsoft apparently think all headphones are exactly the same--it gives me no option to configure them.

    But when it comes to my RIG 800HD headphones, Windows insists these are "speakers." They're the SAME type of wireless RF USB headphones as the Flights, but Windows 10 still labels them "speakers" and there is no way to change this.

    Because Windows 10 mislabels the 800HD as speakers, it also gives me the option to run them as "full range" speakers. I suppose I should be grateful for small favors, but really, I hate Windows 10.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
  6. Zenvota
    Ok gotcha. Would you mind taking a screenshot of where they're labeled as headphones?

    It shouldn't effect the sound, unless they're set as speakers and not running full range, because low frequencies will be missing.
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  7. blinkstar
    It looks like this:


    I should mention I'm running Win 10 LTSB so I don't know if that is somehow limiting my options ...
  8. Zenvota
    Ok thats what i figured, shouldn't effect anything just set them both to 16bit 44khz(music) or 24bit 48khz(movies and games) and like we said before the one thats saying speakers to full range.

    Windows ltsb is the best, the frequent upgrading of normal windows 10 would drive me insane.

    Were you able to get an adequate eq?
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  9. blinkstar
    To be honest I haven't quite figured out how to use that Equalizer yet, other than upping the gain. Have to find a basic tutorial or something. I like Ltsb because you can shut off a lot more MS spyware.
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  10. Zenvota
    Ya it can get pretty involved. Heres the short and skinny though

  11. blinkstar
    Are you recommending those specific settings? I'm thinking of trying to improve/deepen the low end.
  12. Zenvota
    Not necessarily, those are the 3 simplest filters, peaking and high/low shelf. But you could try those exact filters.

    With your plantronics the peak is closer to 3khz

    With the hyperx the peaking filter should be a +3 at 400hz instead and move the high shelf down to 6khz
    raw-frequency-response-r-graph (1).png

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