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How to disable Album Cover Flow on Cowon S9?

  1. Vlooienuker
    Hi everyone,
    Do you know how ti disable this feature because it's really annoying IMO and my S9 has like very slow processing power since it takes forever to drag it and it does encounter bad fps at times, Please help out :/
  2. Vlooienuker
  3. sari0n
  4. Vlooienuker
    Have you heard the TriFi' 10's and do they go well with an S9?
  5. sari0n
    I use triple.fi 10's with a cowon J3 and I enjoy the combination very much especially with bbe sound enhancements. 
  6. lucozade
    Tf10 goes very well with my cowon x7  .
  7. Vlooienuker
    So does the EQ7 sound better than the TF 10's with ur X7?
  8. lucozade

    Only had the x7 for a couple of weeks and have been trying out all my iem's with it , the eq7 is the only one i have not yet tried ,i am enjoying my sm3 with the x7 so much that i have not got around to the eq7 yet,but my guess is it will sound just fine and with the custom eq to increase there bass more to my tastes they should sound great .Will report back when i listen to the ortos with the x7 .[​IMG]
  9. Vlooienuker
    So what custom EQ do you use, as in do you put MP enhance, Stereo Enhance and is the bandwidth on Narrow, Normal or Wide and how many numbers do you put on them :)
  10. habsfan
  11. sari0n
    You really have to play with the settings yourself.  Your preferred sound will be different from other peoples.
    In my experience,
    BBE is very good and I almost always have it on.  I find that BBE boosts bass slightly
    Mach3bass is a good alternative to boosting lower frequencies if you want more bass, I use it with etys
    3d Surround I keep off
    MP Enhance I keep off
    Stereo Enhance I've been messing around with but the differences are very slight so I dunno if I like it or not
    For EQ I find that for a lot of cheaper headphones with bloated bass do very well with a boost of ~5 or more in the 13khz and ~2 in the 4.1khz sections
    When I set EQ what I like to do is turn the boost all the way up to 9, then change the frequencies until I find the one that could use the boost most, and then lower the boost until I get a level that I like.  Then I change the wide/normal/narrow settings.  It helps a lot if you have a general idea of the sound signature of your headphones and what kind of signature you like.
  12. Vlooienuker
    Thanks alot guys.
  13. basementdweller
    Select a song.  While the song is playing, there is a menu in the top middle portion of the screen.  After you tap the menu, there is a sub-menu that is a vertical rectangle; you can tap this to make the player switch between vertical and horizontal views, depending on how your J3 is physically positioned, or you can make it stay in vertical mode.  Another option, and I highly recommend it, is to go to iaudiophile or anythingbutipod and download the latest version of the Aero Music UI.  Personally, I thought the "album art" view looked awsome, but you are right, it certainly lags.
    The EQ question; use suggested settings for fun, but really you have to play with it yourself.  I used a suggested setting that flattened my IE8 midbass and it is awesome for a lot of my music; however, for certain artists I find it "fun" to turn BBE and Machbass up all the way, while turning my IE8 knob up all the way and rock out, but I am fairly certain this would be abhorrent to many on this site.

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