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To make a long story short, I traded a pair of earphones for another set to someone about two months ago. Being completely and totally upfront, I explained to this person that the only items being traded were the earpieces of the iems, and they also told me not include a cable (which I offered) because they had plenty of the type. I was told that their part of the trade would be coming "right behind yours".

When my earphones reached this person's country, they waited almost a week before going to pick them up after customs was finished with them (I had packed them very well and also insured them for what was almost their full worth). They then said they shipped the ones they were trading me. But as soon as this guy got home, he sends me an email cursing and threatening me; he says that I never told him the trade was for earpieces only (I have 60 emails from our correspondence that shows I very much did this).

He then decides to call the shipping agency and put a stop / return to sender on the earphones he was supposed to send me. As it stands now after weeks of waiting for him to return what I sent him originally, he still has not shipped my stuff back and at this point won't even respond to an email. The last date they were supposed to ship was last Tuesday, and since then no messages have been responded to at all.

If I wanted and / or felt like I needed to, I could post our emails to each other here. The guy is pretty well known, on YouTube if not here, for reviewing HiFi audio equipment. I haven't done that as of yet because it's honestly not my way and I more than likely wouldn't get my items back by doing it. I do believe that the community needs to know the story though, at least so no one makes the mistake I did in the future. If anyone has any advice on the subject, I'd really, really appreciate it.
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In any situation, the best thing to do is remain calm and as simply and concisely as possible, try to de-escalate the situation with simple logic.

Briefly start with a small apology for any confusion you may have accidentally caused, and continue by quoting yourself with screenshots of your sent emails, clearly showing the date, their email address in the header, and the highlighted content of the message that they should take notice of.

If nothing changes within a week, it's probably in the interest of the community and the greater good to know who is treating you so badly, because that's the only way to stop it from happening again to others.
Fame, popularity or tenure is never a reason to treat anyone this badly. Everyone should be held fully accountable for their mistakes at any level of society.
If you do not act, you're just letting them get away with it.

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