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How to connect amp to dac.

  1. Thenewbie76
    I got a shiit fulla 2 which I wanna use as a amp and connect to a SMSL SU-8 dac . I saw the shiit manual and it said If I wanna use it as an amp I connect it with a TRS to TRS cable or TRS to dual RCA cable .I wanna know if I can use a TRS to dual XLR cable to connect the shiit fulla 2 to the SMSL SU-8
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    XLR is for a balanced connection, the line-input (3.5mm) on the Fulla 2 is the more common un-balanced connection.
    You should be able to connect the SMSL SU-8's RCA jacks to the Fulla 2.
  3. Thenewbie76
    Oh ok thx. I was thinking I could do TRS to XLR but I forgot that the shiit fulla input is not balanced my bad

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