How To Choose The Best Coffee Maker
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Do you want to buy the best coffee machines for commercial or home use?

No matter which one you will invest in, it's essential to consider all of the following features before buying:


Now, let answer me 2 questions in advance:

How many people in your family like drinking coffee?

And how much do they drink on average?

If you are the only one who enjoys coffee, a single-serve model is an ideal choice. However, it takes a lot of time to serve a family of 5 people with this kind of coffee maker. In this case, you should choose a model that can make from 4 to 10 cups of coffee at a time.


Your taste

If you are interested in drinking cappuccinos and lattes, you would have to spend more money purchasing a coffee brewer.

Keep in mind to only choose a top rated coffee makers that can produce your favorite coffee type.


What should you do if the machine's price can make your favorite coffee higher than your budget?

In this case, you should make a compromise, investing in a cheaper unit. This machine will lack some unique functions and features of the more expensive coffee makers.

No matter what you will buy, always consider both the upfront and long-term costs. You can also take advantage of the special sale to save a lot of money on purchasing a good coffee maker .


Do you drink a cup of coffee every single morning?

If so, try to avoid using a coffee maker with a complicated making coffee process. Instead, it would help if you buy a machine making coffee-single-serving pods or K-cups. This choice enables you to save a lot of time because what you have to do is only put your favorite pod into the coffee maker, then press a button. To save more time, you can automatically choose a model, brewing a pot of coffee at a specific time. This type of machine might require a large budget, but it is a worthy investment for sure.

However, this is just my recommendation. You yourself know your own habits the most.

When do you usually wake up?

And how long can you spend on making coffee?

These factors make a significant contribution to making your decision.

Counter space

The coffee makers vary in size, so you must check your kitchen's size. A limited counter is not ideal for putting a lot of appliances or a big-sized coffee machine. In this case, you should pick up a model, which takes less space than others.

You are not sure that if you have enough space for storing your favorite coffee maker, right?

If so, at least make sure that where you buy your model has the return policy.

Other extra factors to consider

There are many coffee makers with different features and functions on the market. Knowing which ones are useful for you, you have to determine what you really need in your usual coffee cup. After knowing these things, you can read the best coffee makers reviews to choose an appropriate option.

Programmable settings

As I mentioned, some types of coffee makers are designed in some programmable settings.

Based on what you like, let you set a suitable setting, then brew and leave it. For the next use, your machine will function as what you set automatically from the amount of coffee to the brewing time.

In sum, the programmable settings are a smart feature to apply in different situations.


Fresh coffee grounds can make a better taste of coffee, but they require a good grinder. If you purchase a coffee grinder separately, it cost a lot of money. Thus, you had better invest in a built-in grinder with a similar function, especially, you can save plenty of counter space.

Auto shutoff

The auto-shutoff will automatically turn off the unit when you run out of your house and forget this thing.

Multiple warmers

There are usually a lot of people in an office, so you will have to make several pots at a time. In this case, it's essential to use a coffee maker with multiple warmers, which can keep pots of coffee hot at a specific time.

Water filter

The majority of the top-rated coffee makers are designed a water filter, which helps coffee’s flavor come out just right.

Steamer or frother

Would you like mixing steamed milk in your coffee? Steamer and frother function help you make this kind of coffee easily and quickly. Most espresso coffee makers have these features, and you can find out one at a reasonable price. But, if only black coffee is your cup of tea, you can skip steamer and frother.

Coffee maker brand

The reputation of the brands plays a vital role in choosing high quality coffee maker. Although there are many brands, you can believe in 6 best coffee maker brands as follows:


Bunn is famous for its superior quality coffee makers, and even you can expect the best coffee market in the world from this brand. They vary in size, types, and price range. For example, you can easily find out Bunn large commercial machines, home coffee brewers, espresso makers, or single-serving coffee makers.


Delonghi manufacturer has produced a lot of espresso machines and coffee brewers.


When it comes to Gaggia, most of us remember their affordable espresso coffee makers.


Jura-Capresso sells in both reasonable coffee brewers and high-end espresso machines. Thus, you can easily buy a product accessible to your budget and preferences.



This brand is best-known in selling the compact single-serving coffee makers. They also manufacture a variety of coffee makers with pods.


Krups brand is pretty popular thanks to selling drip coffee brewers and some espresso machines.

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What is the best coffee maker?

Firstly, it must meet your demands with helpful features. This machine should suit your budget and can make your favorite coffee at a reasonable price.
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