How to check for channel imbalance
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May 29, 2009
I have a pair of Grado SR225i's and I believe there might be a channel imbalance (right side sounds a little louder).

Is there any way to definitively check this, like a computer program?
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well, the easiest way to (almost) definitively check this is to just put them on backwards..

If the channel imbalance switches.. then you have a problem.

But you probably already thought of that.

How would a computer program work? I don't think that there would be a way to do this without either inaccuracy or expensive equipment
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To measure the channel imbalance you'd need a good SPL meter, so using pink noise at a fixed level, you can see if the cans output is at the very same dB level on both drivers.

A more affordable alternative is using a mono recording and listen if the image is dead center. If you think it shifts to either side, then swap the phones position over your ears and check if the image shifts to the other side.
It's a good thing that you did this with other set of phones which you know are well balanced, just in case it weren't the phones but the amp or source having the channel imbalance. Otherwise you can use a volt meter to know if the source and/or amp are giving the same voltage at their outputs on both channels, when using a fixed test tone (1KHz is a common choice).

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