How to amplify sound going from computer to wireless sennheiser hd1 headphones

  1. jpulley373
    The computer output volume to my wireless headphones is so low. Are there any headphone amps that work with wireless headphones?
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The amplifiers are built into the headphones, so unless you want to open up the headphones and install more powerful amplifiers, you can't really add a external amplifier to wireless headphones (while using wireless).
    But you could use the wired connect with the HD1 headphones.
    Do you have all the volume controls on the source maxed out?
  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    It has an option to work with a wired connection but there are two problems. First, it won't be wirelessly connected to the amp, and the amp isn't going to be wirelessly connected to your computer until Apt X is available on DAC-HPamps. Second, if wired operation does not bypass the built in amp circuit, you're basically just feeding it a louder line signal from an amp. It will get louder but the built in headphone amp will now potentially be closer to clipping as it tries to get a much stronger signal to also play louder through the drivers (although a too low line signal into that amp circuit will also get it to clip).

    Do you have the player app/browser player volume turned up to max? You're supposed to max that out and then lower the system volume as necessary. Past that if you want to try an amp maybe look into the Fiio Q1 MkII.

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