How the heck do you begin a divorce?
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Jun 9, 2006
1) pay a really hot and cheap hunk to seduce your wife
2) pay private investigators to shoot them making out - (it helps if the location is your own house) or get your own pin hole camera
3) tell the hunk to lead her sprouting out any murderous intentions and make the PI record it with bugs in bedroom
4) go to the police with a petrified look
5) im sure there a lawyers on this forum
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Nicola O

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Aug 15, 2005
A little tip, don't fight it, more to the point is that don't drag it on for little things. The lawyer's fee will just go on up and up for fighting over who bought that Celine Dion CD. The end result will be divorce anyway so fighting it just drags it longer, and regardless of the allegations int he divorce, there is no point denying it (usually).
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Originally Posted by Mr.PD /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I would say move out in the morning, get a lawyer in the afternoon.
If there are no kids, make her move. Especially if he had the house before the wife. Maybe take out a loan on the house, sell off the last of his stuff, borrow money from someone/everyone. Whatever it takes. This aint' easy, and it ain't cheap.
When I kicked my wife out I didn't know or care where she went. But, when I went to work (my job takes me out of town for a day or so) I came home to a nearly empty house. She found the money somewhere to get a storage unit and stuffed it. I never saw that stuff again.
Once a guy sets it in his mind that this is the end, he must stick to it. Be firm, make sure he gets some distance away from her. It's hard to think clearly when the woman is around. If he can't get her to move out, he can stay with friends and or relatives for a while. Anything to get some away from her time.

How ironic that this thread was revisited.
It appears that I somewhat followed my own advice.
I just finished up another divorce. This time the wife ran away from home and left everything behind. Then she wanted all the money I could make for the next 5 years. She settled for much much less. I took out a second on the house and paid her off in cash. The lawyer ate up all my other money.

Now I have to deal with her moving back to my town and wanting to be my friend. I need to be very cautious.
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Aug 16, 2004
This is an interesting thread. I'm glad that dude bumped it back to life.

I think that if you're not a person who believes in marriage for religious purposes than there really isn't a reason to get married. Heck, have a ceremony, buy the rings, but why legally bind yourself to someone unless you feel the need to because of religious persuasion?
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Dec 4, 2002
Again, it's tough to explain unless you have a frame of reference of having been in a relationship where the M word isn't a scary thing.

Neither my husband nor I are religious and we do not believe in much of any of that hooey anyway. So why get married? Well there's the legal stuff of spouse's rights - I'd much rather trust my husband to know when to pull the plug and vice versa. I'd much rather him inherit all the stuff that I forgot about in my will, rather than it going to relatives I don't know, I'd much rather it be him to have the first say about my wellbeing in the event that I'm unable to myself. If we did not have that, then my family could fly here and take charge and perhaps do things that while they think I would want, he would know I wouldn't, but he would have no say without the marriage bond. Vice versa for him.

If you don't get married or set up a legal partnership, you don't get any of that, including any tax breaks and such.

But that's the pratical stuff. The rest is intangible and tough to describe to someone who has not found a partner like that to go through life with.

It's true you can do it without the church ceremony. Certainly we didn't go to a church, you can (depending on local laws) get a legal partnership that means the same thing. That's what my husband's brother and his wife did. I say wife because in this country if you say partners they assume it's same-sex, and she wasn't his girlfriend, his lover, his SO, they were a couple and a team, and everything that a marriage is. They had the legal paper to prove it but they didn't go the marriage route. It all meant the same thing legally and otherwise though.

So yeah the parntership can be an option, but marriage isn't exactly meaningless even to the unreligious.

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