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How should I understand this issue of more sound coming from one side in a new headphone?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by shrewdgamer, Oct 10, 2019.
  1. shrewdgamer
    I have a new headphone, at least it appears to be new. It was one of highly rated headphones on Rtings.com for critical listening. I can notice small scratches on the sides of the headphones. These scratches were there from the time I took them out of the box. I don't think it'll effect the sound quality.

    So in this new headphone, the stereo sound seems to be right-weighted(if that makes sense), slightly more sound comes out of right side than left side. I immediately switched to my old Chi-Fi headset and in that stereo sound seems to be equal in both sides.

    How do I make sense of this unequal sound in a new headphone? Should I understand that it is defective? Or that it is more flat than my old headphone as this new one is one of the highly rated headphones on rtings.com? Will a flat headphone really make one side sound louder than the other side if that is how the audio is encoded? I heard few songs on YouTube and the new one doesn't seem to reveal any more detail than my old Chi-Fi headset.

    I tested on audiocheck.net and the new one doesn't sound any better than my old Chi-Fi headset.

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