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How on earth do I stop breaking my cables?? (Which IEM cable has the BEST build quality?)

  1. Gagarin
    So I am quite an active guy, and I walk around all day with my CIEMs in and a cable dangling and swinging around. When I am not using them, I usually stuff them into my pocket (I know, bad)
    I have broken 3 Null Audio cables, which I regard to be some of the best built, and 2 twag cables as well as numerous other cheapo replacements such as westone stock cables.
    This is getting ridiculous. Can anyone recommend to me a cable that is sturdy enough for me? Generally, the 2 pin connection to the IEM breaks first. If I could, I would encase that in liquid diamond and seal the soldering job in forever, but I can't... so what do I do?
  2. KamijoIsMyHero
    Try not yanking on the iem when pulling them out of your pocket. A cable breaking in the pins is pretty much your fault.
    You can try to use IEMs that uses MMCX connectors, those should disconnect easier (if you pull on it hard) since the connector is circular.
    Seriously though, try changing the way you handle your IEMs. I walk around in mine and regularly stuff it in my pocket as well but have yet to break the pins.
  3. Gagarin
    I know that it is absolutely my fault. this latest one was handled pretty much with care... 
    i have custom iems so I cant just switch connectors. However, i've ordered the fiio iem cables and im giving them a try. Theyre reported to have a great build.
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    My earphones are always in their case when being transported and not in use - from the cheapo zipper cases that Shure and Meelec packed with their IEMs and now the Otterbox that came with my Aurisonics ASG-1. The only time I actually broke any of the cables was when I was rushing to pack and the zipper nailed the cable on my old Shure IEM. The other two have survived numerous 2km to 5km runs, trips to the library and elsewhere, etc.

    Also when I coil my cables I use my palm, and never tight enough. I also make sure either ends (especially with the pins on the ASG-1 removable cable) of the cable are as straight as possible on the loose coiling.

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