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How Old Are You???

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  1. noorudeenshakur
    Hi there I was just wondering how old head fiers are?

    So how old are you?

    I am 30.
  2. xxlMusikfreak
    19 at the moment...
  3. sebastian589
  4. EdipisReks
    this belongs in the member's lounge.
  5. discord
  6. Head Creep

    Originally Posted by EdipisReks
    this belongs in the member's lounge.

    Plus, there was just a thread asking this very question.
  7. nickchen
    39. Fading on the roots.
  8. no1likesme
    17, turn 18 nov 26
  9. noorudeenshakur
    IC IC I didnt notice the other thread. I shuld have posted this in the members lounge but I cant seem to delete the post.

    Anyhow...its here now...sorry wrong place for it.

    lets see if it just fades away...
  10. gpalmer
    Old enough to know better, young enough not to care! [​IMG]
  11. Fatality_
  12. legcramp
    16 :p
  13. jagorev
    21 here...
  14. PsychoZX Contributor
    19 here
  15. lovebell
    21,some of my friends as my age already got married or going to marry...oh..how can I say this .....LOL
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