How nuts have you gone with your KSC75?
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Apr 4, 2007
While waiting on my HD650, this is my rig til then:

AV-710 > Oritek-modded Zhaolu D2 (AD) > Gilmore lite > 1/8" to 1/4" adapter > KSC75 , using Blue Jeans cables (optical to the sound card and their best rca w/ techflex)

If only the Koss were recabled, I'd appear even more insane

So have any of you put the koss through this much?
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Well, I danced all over the place like an idiot first few times I put em on!
Now I merely do a Cheshire Cat thing.....with a few moves.

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Originally Posted by d-cee /img/forum/go_quote.gif
i don't see the appeal =\

but then again i haven't heard a modded pair, my stock pair is well... stock

I have on my way a pair of recabled and kramer modded KSC-75...

This should be interesting.
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I have a recabled/dremel modded pair, but the cable is pretty heavy and stiff.

My preferred pair is dremel modded, but with stock cable.

I still do enjoy them from time to time.
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I have put the drivers in wood housings, into old vintage 70s Koss headphones, and my old roommate's broken Aiwas. Did all the Kramer mods and tried various pads. Also recabled them for myself with Canare and another head-fi user commissioned me to mod some with Mogami cables.

In the end, I use a pair of stock KSC75s. This is because they sounded pretty lousy in different housings that weren't completely open, recabling made them extra rigid and heavy and had the annoying microphonics whenever you touched the cable, and making a hole in the foam allowed random debris to come in contact with the driver (but I am aware of many users who have made their own screens to prevent that).

I'm pretty sure I'll be inspired to mod them again in the future, but for now I just like them as my excellent portable headphone.
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HD600, HD580, Sony V6, AKG K81, PX100, PortaPro ... CMoy, two PIMETAs, a MEHA, several Milletts w/DB's, several SOHA's, and now a couple editions of the Millett MAX ... through all of that there's one pair* of headphones that I reach for most often: the KSC75.

Couldn't stand to mod them actually ... put them on a PortaPro frame once but couldn't stand it and promptly went back to the ear pieces.

* several pairs, actually
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Originally Posted by steviebee /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Well, I danced all over the place like an idiot first few times I put em on!
Now I merely do a Cheshire Cat thing.....with a few moves.


I like it...

I still can't get over how great they sound for $15. I've given away 3, and one had the cables ripped out, so I will be modding those for sure.

Still trying to figure out which nylon multifilament TechFlex to use, tho. . .
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Well, I can answer this one of two ways...

I've modded quite a few pairs of KSC75's, including the pair finding their way to d-cee right now, and I love the process and the sound of the mods. Thanks Kramer! The recable is very important to the sound, IMHO, but the key is to keep the cord lightweight and very flexible. Stay the hell away from techflex, is what I'm saying. I use Mogami, and it's phenomenal. It really compliments what the Kramer mods do to the high end.

On the other hand, I have run a totally stock pair through a Maestro ZR fed by a meridian G08. They sounded significantly better than right out of an iPod, as (of course) they should have. Either way, I love them to death. Great little headphones.

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