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How much would you pay for a fixed HD800 ?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by eugenius, Aug 13, 2014.
  1. eugenius
    By fixed I mean no more 6kHz peak, no easy paint chipping and a matte black option.
  2. BournePerfect
    I've owned 5 HD800s. With the right amp, even cheap ones, I have no issues with the supposed treble peak. I also took great care of them, as none ever had a paint chip.

    So...I would pay market value for an HD800, like I always have. :rolleyes:

  3. eugenius
    So basically 0 with extra sarcasm... :)
  4. BournePerfect
    -1: I've never paid over $1150 for a brand new HD800. :cool:
  5. eugenius
    Of course, you ARE special!  Obviously you deserve your own category, the -1 category. :)
    BournePerfect likes this.
  6. kphfrail
  7. Takeanidea
    I think there's no market for this. The HD800S sound just great the way they are. Not worth tinkering with.Just be ppatient and let your brain get used to their sound signature
  8. eugenius
    Next you're going to say to upgrade the cables ... and change the amp. Personally I don't know an amplifier with -5dB @ 6kHz. Must be a VERY high end tube amp that does such a marvelous thing.  :)
    BTW, I'm around option 1 myself.
  9. SilverEars
    800 is overpriced to begin with.  Should have been fixed at current price point so people dont have to tube it up to roll off the highs.
  10. lin0003
    IMO the newer one I have is not so bright. I would pay $2000 for one that looks better and isn't made out of all plastic. 
  11. eugenius
    I don't have anything against plastic if it's good quality and used rationally. I draw the line at fast chipping plastic with a faux metal finish.
    That's a recurring theme in the so called high end. People accept compromises that would never fly in a good mass market product.
  12. lin0003
    Even though I do not like Ultrasones, you really have to admire their build quality. 
  13. eugenius
    I like Beyerdynamic build quality but I'd never buy 80% of their headphones, especially the new models.
  14. lin0003
    Not a fan of their T1, the treble is too sharp. 
  15. eugenius
    If the market swallowed the price increase without blinking, there's no need to work for more money and a 2000+ headphone would be an even more niche product than the HD800 so there wouldn't be too much profit for Sennheiser in fixing the HD800. Better to work on lifestyle products for smartphones like the momentum. Those bring the real profit anyway.
    And it's not like the T1 or the K812 are true challengers so there's no peer pressure at all. And Sony right now is in trouble so no state of the art headphone from them either. :frowning2:
    I added a poll, didn't know I could add one before.  :)

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