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How much of an upgrade would a Stax SR-007a Mk2 be over an HE-500

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gatorengineer64, Apr 14, 2014.
  1. gatorengineer64
    Like the HE-500 but the bug has bitten.  How much of an upgrade would the Stax be?  Night and day or subtle?  Thanks
    I assume the plug on the Stax is a standard balanced plug, and any good amp can be used correct?
  2. i019791
    I cannot comment on the Stax vs. HE500 comparison, but Stax needs an amp special for electrostats
  3. Rinoue
    I'm curious to find out about this as well as I was keeping an eye on the SR-007a MK2 as my next upgrade while being curious about the HE seires, so BUMP!
  4. Frank A
    You definitely cannot use a non-electrostatic headphone amp to drive electrostatic headphones like the Stax. The Stax phone plug has 5 pins and supplies 580 Vrms to the stators... and standard dynamic headphones do not have stators nor would they like being hooked up to 580 volts!
    I own the HE-500's and like them quite a bit. But I recently got in the KingSound HS-3 headphones and M-20 OTL tube amp system (similar to Stax tube models but less money). I have to say I think the KingSound system is a level up from the HE-500's mainly in the treble band and also in bass articulation and tonality... and my HE-500's are now for sale...
    I used to own the Stax SR 4040 Mk-II system and it didn't impress me nearly as much as the KingSound. In fact, I favored the HE-500's over the SR-006 amp and Stax 404 ear speakers. That said, I never owned or tried the current top-of-the-line Stax headphones.
  5. gatorengineer64
    Frank thanks for the input....
    Do your new phones look like the ones on the last pages of this thread or something different
    Given my new balanced AMP, I think my phone upgrade will either be an LCD-X or the HE product if indeed it is an upgrade...
  6. Frank A
    Hi Gatorengineer64,
    Yes, the KS-H3 production model looks just like the ones in your link except that mine have red trim rings instead of the gold. The are much lighter and less clunky on the head than the HE-500's. The band looks a little goofy but is self-sizing, comfy and works well.
    Also, the picture leaves out the best part... the M-20 OTL tube amp/energizer. I think the one in the pic is a smaller, less expensive solid-state model (or prototype). The M-20 is really cool though somewhat large for a headphone amp since it has a total of 7 tubes. It uses 4 6P15 output tubes and is rated at 2x160Vrms (10.5 watts/channel), The H3 headphones are rated at a max output of 116 dB... VERY LOUD... but I never turn them up anywhere near that level.
    The King's Audio website has the specs and pics. kingsaudio.com.hk
  7. gatorengineer64
    theres something wrong with the link you posted, it doesn't work, even changing it to HK.  Thanks for sharing your experience.
  8. Happy Camper
    The 560s are the new replacements for the 500. The HE 6 are still HE reference. Amped properly with a good wire the 6s will rival the 9s. I've not tried the 9s but preproman has commissioned a BHSE for a pair of 007.mk 1 His current rig is the HE-6 on a First Watt F1J. Look forward to that comparison. But there are HE-6/009 owners in the HE-6 thread you could pm.
  9. Frank A
    I'm not sure why the link didn't work. I know if I just Google *King's Audio* it's the first item that pops up on the list. Other than that, this is what I paste into my browser to take me there: http://www.kingsaudio.com.hk/
  10. Frank A
    Apparently I cannot post the full link here. But if you simply Google *King Sound* it pops right up.
  11. mikek200
    Night & Day..
    Never owned the he-500 {but did own the He-6}
    As stated above,you will need a Stax amp
    I own the Stax 007a MKII,& the Stax 727 amp modded by Justin.
    Best ,is to get to a meet and audition them for your self
    IMHO,it has the finest SQ,of,any,system I have owned,for my ears,my music.
    Soon to upgrading to the Stax 009's

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