how much of a difference will i notice pairing a pa2v2 with my audigy 2 zs & ms-1s?
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Dec 2, 2005
the reason i got the amp is because i plan on getting on 0404, and i knew i'd need an amp when i got it....

but for the time being, i'm curious how much of a difference (if any) i'll notice with my audigy 2 zs and the amp until i can get the 0404...

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Originally Posted by egglick
I don't know if a picture is going to help him out with his sound. Is that card even for sale yet? Do you have a link to a product description?

looks like it's this card, but i don't know..

anyone else have comments about the amp?
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I have a PA2V2 and use it with my 1212m and Rio Karma.

It doesn't change the sound of my SR225s with the Karma. I have never plugged the 225s straight into the 1212m.

It does sound great with both sources.

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