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How much of a difference do cables make?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by 2enty3, Dec 12, 2010.
  1. 2enty3
    So i've read around about the differences between the 701 and the 702, and FWIR the only difference is the ability to detach the cable.
    So do changing the cables really cause a significant change in the sound? if so, would it be better to get the 702 over the 701?
  2. debitsohn
    uhoh... lol
  3. Beagle


  4. 3602
    Believe what you wan to believe.
  5. 2enty3


    Sweet, sounds good.
  6. sokolov91


    There are many answers to this question, all with limited validity.
    Those who believe cables do will say yes.
    Those who believe cables do not will say no and provide references as to why it is most likely impossible upon request.
    The only difference you should be concerned with is the K701 has a 4 conductor cable allowing for easy balancing in the future. The K702 has  detachable 3 conductor cable and is not easily balanced in the future.
    Other than this they are identical save the number of bumps on your headband.
    FWIW, no human has ever been able to detect a cable in a sound system without visual or other sorts of cues. That is, if they had to rely only on their ears they would be unable, no matter the cost or "complexity" of these cables, to detect a change.
    You also must understand most cable "designers" are really just guys who got up off their butt when they saw a market and know nothing more about cables than your average joe. The do have some very nice soldering and design skills though but they are no means the geniuses they make themselves out to be. Well they are geniuses... just at marketing - not electronics or sound design.
  7. 9pintube


    debitsohn, Did He just Ask What I thought, I READ????  2enty3 , To Me Yes They Do..To Quote: Forest Gump, "That's All I Got To Say About That"!!!
  8. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Cables are every bit as effective as your daily horoscope.
  9. 9pintube
    U.E. So I don't need to worry about changing my cables "Santa's bringing me" ,...My New HD 800's........Not even, Cardas, IYO..???

  10. Uncle Erik Contributor

    I didn't hear any difference at CanJam. The Cardas cables look nice, though.

    The biggest factor with the HD-800 is the amp. They are pretty sensitive to what they're plugged into. You can measure these differences, as well.
  11. Darksyde
    This is a very controversial topic and one that will likely not be put to rest until some fanatic is Uganda conducts a double-triple-blind test.
    Interestingly enough, changing the cable on my HE-5LEs from the OFC to the SPC (silver-plated copper) did yield noticeable results.  The differences have been well-documented and it's one of those things that contradicts my beliefs.  Are aliens coming?  I sure hope so.
  12. MR.X
    The cables do change the sound but the difference isnt much and its not really worth spending the cost of headphones on different cables.
    If you plan on getting them balanced then the K701 are going to be easier to do so.
  13. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Adding two different extension cables to my headphones yielded slight different sounds, and I stress slight. I blame one of the cables being really crappy though.
    I'd only recable for aesthetics, and to add your own preference for the type of plugs you want. My boy SWZ does some awesome recable jobs (though he's stopping as it was a hobby of his), and it'd be nice to have detachable cables on my headphones.
    Other than that, I don't buy into the recabling mythos.

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