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How many Vacuum cleaners do you own?

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  1. Aman
    You didn't add an option for none. I use one, but I don't own one...
  2. xnothingpoetic
    Old thread!

    Anyway I don't know what kind of vacuum cleaner my parents have. And I sure as hell don't have one.

    But it's the kind you plug in the wall at various areas and has a really long hose and different attachments (for carpet/hard floor/detailing/ext.) And all of the crap goes trough the PVC piping through our walls and into the garage.

    Did I mention it's hella loud?
  3. nelamvr6
    Just the one.
  4. aaronylee
    I got 3 of them but none of them work very well [​IMG]
  5. will75
    Kenmore Iridium. It's actually made by LG but their vacuums are more commonly known in Europe so they branded it under Kenmore.

    The thing is awesome. Extremely powerful and good tools.
  6. Uncle Erik Contributor

    Oh wait. Vacuum cleaners... not tubes. Oh, there's one in the closet under the stairs.
  7. fuego
    I needed an additional vac for upstairs bedrooms, office and couldn't be more happy. My other B&D CHV1410 is only a 14.4 volt and that one I thought was great. This one is 20 volt and you can instantly see the difference in power. Its actually more quiet than the 14.4 but a bit heavier. The 14.4 doesn't fold up like this model does which is a great feature on this 20 volt. I can store it in a shelf unit and not have it stick out like the other one does. The charging base is great too, nice and sturdy (comes with screws to mount if needed). See for yourself at CordlessVacuum.
  8. kellychan
    One Roomba rules
  9. Adam Smart
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