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how many of you guys cook???

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  1. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Except I'm usually the one waking up my date with a bibimbap, carbonara, or eggs bennedict. I'm starting to think that using my skills for cooking inevitably only attracts those who can't cook [​IMG] 
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  2. FallenAngel Contributor

    Not likely, but you are spoiling them.
  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Havent met one cooked for me though, and at my friends' houses, the only reason why the wives don't help out despite the fact that most of them cook better than my friends is because we cook outside by the grill. Apart from the males who really cook, there's a tendency for them to only really do well enough when on a grill for some reason.

    If anything, it's the dirtier job, especially for people too cheap to get the easy to ignite brickettes from the US. While the prices are the same in Manila, just converted to PhP, one small bag of Kingsford gets us a whole sack of lump charcoal.
  4. FallenAngel Contributor

    Human nature.
  5. SHAMuuu

    Well they're older now and eat better so they can look better for the girls
    but back then, AND TRUST ME I TRIED. I liquefied all sorts of exotic vitamins into their pasta sauces and other meat sauces, but you'd be surprised by them little devils who can detect any sort of nutritious vitamin, and they would make these sounds on purpose like they would yak. I knew they were exaggerating, but it drove me nuts. "EWWW WHATS IN THE PASTA SAUCE?" When the sauce was free of any extra vegetables and just good meat, no complaints "MMMM YUMMY"
    i tried man i tried...
  6. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Some stewed curried beef and vegetables at H20's house tonight.
    I really should take more photos of my meals, just tonight I had the camera out and thought what a chance.
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  7. FallenAngel Contributor

    Looks like one of those times where it might be really delicious but it looks boring.
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I think this one looks pretty boring, what do you think? 
  9. FallenAngel Contributor
    Yep, that one looks boring as well.
    It's comfort food - boiled potatoes with a little dill and melted butter with a lamb leg steak. Very tasty and enjoyable but not very flashy. :)
    I get the feeling you felt insulted and responded with that intention. I meant nothing of the sort. There are many things that are very tasty that look boring. This isn't a negative on the food; it's just how it looks visually.
    Personally, I think the absolutely most delicious meal is a collection of head cheese, smoked fish, pickled tomatoes and cucumbers with rye bread, served with raw onions and garlic, salt and horseradish. Most people would think it's unappealing, but it would be my death row meal for sure.
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I was insulted a little at first, us Australians become offended easily. Now you've explained I understand, thank you for clearing my thoughts. [​IMG] 
    Gotta watch us Ozzies, we're loose canons. [​IMG]
  11. FallenAngel Contributor
    Yeah, I cam imagine. Between chasing kangaroos to **** and trying to convince people to take you seriously, I'm sure it's frustrating. :wink:
  12. Beyakusenn
    Talking about boring looking, but tasty food:
  13. Clayton SF
    This looks yummy. Especially with all that rice to soak up that delicious curry. I could dig into this one every day. My mother used to make curry stew on the weekends and this reminds me of it. Ahhhhhh.
    Your "most delicious meal" is something I would love to eat. I've had everything you've mention except pickled tomatoes (and not all on the same plate). What is your favorite smoked fish? I like smoked kippers.
    I've had really great fish in The Netherlands like herring, smoked or raw. They serve fresh (slightly salted) herring with raw onions and cucumber pickles. Yummy! If served on bread it is called broodje haring.
    A good morning.
    This morning's breakfast of baked eggs, ham with English mustard, and baked beans:
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  14. FallenAngel Contributor
    I really love pickled tomatoes, they just explode with flavor.

    It's from my childhood but I will always pick brined herring, not smoked, but just in salt from fresh. It's delicious with potatoes.
  15. PalJoey
    I have some beef skirt marinading overnight in cumin, chervil, garlic, pepper and a little balsamic vinegar.
    It'll go in the slow cooker tomorrow with chopped shallots for at least 6 hours. God knows how it'll turn out but, as one of my aunts used to say (slightly defensively) when dishing up, "all the ingredients are edible".
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