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How Many Head-fi Members Are There?

  1. serman005
    Does anyone know? Is it proprietary information? Just curious!
  2. TwinQY
    ​There seems to be 412,871 (as of today).
  3. serman005
    Wow--thanks @TwinQY!   I appreciate it. That seems awfully high to me, but what do I know.
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  4. PL4Y3R 0N3
    Well, I've seen tons in the short time I've been on who create an account, ask a question, and then don't really get back on. I wonder of those over 400k how many have less than 10 post. But I've also seen a lot of new members who have stayed as well, and a lot of long time lurkers finally joining. I'm sure that number will just continue to grow.
  5. TwinQY
    No problem :)

    ​By the way, you can keep track on the site stats section on the sidebar of the main page. There's also a page dedicated to stats here: http://www.head-fi.org/pages/stats/top

    ​Looks like the number's grown to 412,954 since yesterday. I'm curious as to when we hit the 400,000 mark.

    There seem to be 609 members online right now. And of course, there are many like myself who have Invisible Mode on, so they should not show up on that statistic. But the number of guests viewers always seems to dwarf those of active members. A lot of that might be from users who are too lazy to log on, but I've always been of the impression that lurkers outnumber members by a large margin. Out of all of the headphone enthusiasts I know in person, a good majority do not have an account here.
    In any case, I bet one can ask the staff to see if they have numbers on daily/monthly/yearly unique active users.
  6. wink
    But, only if you're an obsessive/compulsive A type personality who just needs to know                                          for no real reason...... 
  7. serman005
    Who-----me?     [​IMG]
  8. wink
    You whistle, and I'll point.........    [​IMG]
  9. Peter Hyatt
    Marketing is a tangible and powerful reason to learn the number.

    The next question is about actual members. What happens when one no longer wishes to belong to Head-fi. Can he delete his account? If not, does this number show up?
  10. wink
    Your stuck here forever.
    You just don't bother to li\og in,
    You can always earn the ban hammer......:ksc75smile:
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  11. wink
    Forum Statistics
    Latest Member:
  12. Peter Hyatt
    now learn the approximate "active users." :ksc75smile:

    perhaps check "users" at the busy threads and busy times...
  13. wink
  14. wuwhere Contributor
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  15. wink
    Latest Member:

    44 up from yesterday..... :triportsad: :deadhorse:
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017

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