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How long is the WAIT on a WOO?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lamitchell, Nov 6, 2010.
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  1. LAmitchell
    I just don't know if I can stand to wait that long... is it really 4-5 weeks?
    don't they have anything in STOCK?
    what about the pay extra deal for speedier put-it-together time?
  2. navii
    If you ordered 4-5 weeks ago it would be about to arrive any day now! Stop wasting time and order :p
  3. nututubes


    Oh you will definitely pay more for waiting [​IMG].  I ordered my WA22 a couple of weeks ago. Each week of waiting empties the wallet...headphone cables, interconnects, and of course tubes tubes tubes!
  4. Cal
    ...why don't you e-mail Jack at Woo Audio himself? He would know better than any of us. FWIW, I ordered my WA6 on October 19 and it shipped on October 22.
  5. illharmonics
    I just ordered a Silver WA6 on November 1 and my wait time was one week. The black WA6 was 4-5 weeks. The same goes for the WA3. This was all according to an email Jack and I traded.
  6. musicman59
    My WA5-LE took 6 weeks.
  7. mikemalter
    My WA22 took two weeks.
  8. LAmitchell
    i don't know if i can stand to wait that long! 
    does anyone want to sell a 3,6,or 2? i'll pay full retail. seriously.
  9. Asr

    Most manufacturers of headphone amps build every amp to order, especially for more costly amps. Headphone amps aren't mass-market items and don't come off an assembly line, they're built by hand. And for Woo Audio specifically, the customization options on their amps (color, tubes, etc) make it practically unfeasible for them to even entertain the idea of having in-stock amps.
  10. illharmonics


    Why not order a silver WA3 or WA6 now and wait one week? That way it is made especially for you. By the time you and someone on head-fi set up a transaction and it was shipped, it would probably come out to be the same time. 
  11. JwangSDC
    I know how you feel, when I ordered my WA6 SE I had to wait a week longer than jack original quoted. The WA5 took an extra week also, was like 5-6 weeks.
  12. fdhfdy
    Mine wa2 took 10 days
  13. tink97
    My woo 2 stock only took about a week to get made, though jack told me around 4 weeks if I had went with the blackgate upgrade, for what its worth.  Have a great day
  14. fatcat28037 Contributor
    For the real answer contact Jack at Woo, but I'll hazard a guess that you'd get a stock amp faster than a custom one.
  15. LAmitchell


    Hey Jwang, where can I find a thread of you comparing the WA 6 SE to the WA5? 
    How big of a jump in soundquality is it?
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