How long have you had your primary headphones?
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Aug 16, 2002
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I was realizing recently that I've had my primary headphones for what seems like an eternity in Head-Fi terms. I bought my AKG K 271 way back in mid-2004 and haven't found a desire to upgrade since then.

I was wondering how many other people might have been using the same set of headphones as their primary cans for longer than what seems to be the 6 month Head-Fi upgrade cycle. I know there's got to be a few that finally found "the one"
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To bad I just got my Ed 8 otherwise my Pro 900 has been my primary headphone for longer then 6 months. Of course tried many more headphones after that

You can´t know if you found the one unless you try everything out there. though Ed 8 kills all kind of curiosity lol
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I was quite happy without headphones until I found Head-Fi... Now I have a new set of cans every month or so. I've had my K701's about two weeks, MS1's about three weeks, SR80's a couple of months and my HD595s about 5 months. Looking of my next pair already. Need something like the 701's but better...
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About 6 months.
I consider my second K1000 to be my primary headphone, and I bough it this June.
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Maybe 3 months now with the HD650's. These are definitely keepers. More soon to come though.
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My D2000s are my new primary headphone, but before that it was my Grado 125s which I bought back in May. But I think the Denons are going to get played for a long long while. They sound great to my ears. I wanted to swap out my Dac for space concerns but I might just buy a new desk and forget I ever thought about doing that.
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I've had my Grado SR325i headphones for a just over 2 years.

They have been my primary 'phones since I got them and they are likely to stay that way for some time. I actually feel that they are a lot more robust than many others seem to think. Before I got them my primary HPs were a pair of Shure e4c that I had for a couple of years until they broke (eventually got some Ety HF5's to replace them).

For serious listening I now have some GS1000's, but they are a bit too precious to me to become my primary 'phones. Until I get some PS1000's that is...
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Just under a year for my K701, but they'll probably be out the door soon - an HD800 should be arriving at my house any day now...
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hmm... i just received my Alessandro MS1i, ATH-AD700 and Sennheiser HD438, all within this week. Being a late bloomer, I guess I better get a few cans together to make up for lost time :p

I think these few cans will last me quite a while... I hope (already dead broke)

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