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How long does Grado Labs take to repair headphones?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ranma13, Nov 5, 2008.
  1. Ranma13
    Hello all, I was wondering how long it takes Grado Labs to repair a pair of headphones? I sent in my Grado RS-1 two weeks ago and I still haven't gotten them back so I'm getting kind of worried.
  2. yukihiro
    when i sent my sr80's, it took a few days to get there (i tracked it)

    after they received it, it took them maybe a week and a half to fix it. plus another ~week to get them back to my doorstep. i got them back in less than 3 weeks from when i sent them

    nice avi (;
  3. Ranma13
    Thanks for the response. It's coming up on 3 weeks now but I'll be a little more patient since Grado Labs is in New York and I'm in Hawaii.

    You have a nice avatar too! [​IMG]
  4. cHoBomonkey
    yeah the hawaii part is probably why its taking long for you
  5. Zanth Contributor
    Have you contacted Grado? Do you know if they have your phones yet? If they have them, send an email asking about the time-lines. A total 3 week turn-around which includes shipping is actually quite quick for any company.
  6. Rav
    I had to have my RS1s recabled last year, sent them in about the beginning of August, got back to me in England last week of september. YMMV.
  7. cantsleep Contributor
    wooden grados are a little bit different. they dont open the chamber if it is too cold. they just wait until it is good to go. i once waited more than 3-4 months for rs-1 repair.
  8. Ranma13
    Wow, 3-4 months? That's pretty nuts, good thing I have the SR-225's to tide me over. I haven't bothered to contact Grado Labs yet because I wouldn't know what to say. "Hi, I have a pair of headphones that I sent in for repair, I have no RMA number and no tracking number, just my address, can you help me?" I know they were delivered on time because I put tracking on the package but I accidentally threw the receipt away so now I don't have it anymore.
  9. freakmax
    What happened to you RS-1's?
    How old are they?

    Just want to know .
    Thank you.
  10. DJGeorgeT
    umm, it took Grado 1 week to fix my SR60, but once fixed it was really fixed.
  11. sling5s
    How can it take 3 to 4 months to fix a Grado RS1.  Its been two weeks now for me.  Really hope it doesn't take more than a month.  
    I could see it taking a week or two because of the wood and glue aspect of a grado rs1 but couple months is really long. 
  12. wje
    I'm dealing with a repair incident right now with Grado for my SR325i headphones.  I sent them in at the end of last week and in their e-mail with the mailing instructions, they indicated it would take them 2 weeks to perform the repairs and then the shipping would occur back to me after that.  So, all in all, it should be about 3 weeks total for me based on their estimates.  Then again, I'm only about 230 miles away from Brooklyn, NY.

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