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How is Hifiman Sundara?

  1. LogicSound
    I own HD558 and want very big upgrade.
    more bass and more clean sound.. fun sound signature

    Sundara was the best up to 500$ ?

    it was Hifi headphone?
  2. Drog
    The Sundaras are great, though it's more of an accurate but forgiving headphone. Bass can be had but it is not super bass heavy. I usually add 3db to frequencies below 200 hz or so. Having said that, the bass it has is musical and it does get strong when the song calls for it (I don't find these headphones to be lacking in bass at all). If I were you, I would buy from a place that offers a return period so you can try them out.

  3. G0rt
    Quite nice, Smooth and natural sounding with Dekonis giving a pleasant bass lift. Relatively easy to drive, but respond well to power. I like them better than my HD-600, just that planar liquidity.
  4. robm321
    ^ Agree with this. It's better than the 600. Smooth, accurate. Certainly better highs than the Senns. A great bang for buck headphone for sure.
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  5. Tsukuyomi
    Save up and get the Ananda, you'll thank me later.
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