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How I learned to love the bowls

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nelamvr6, Apr 7, 2007.
  1. nelamvr6
    OK, I guess the title is misleading, because I really don't know how it happened, I just know it did.

    I guess it started when my Alessandro MS-2's arrived and they had bowls on them. I put them on, and for some reason my ears didn't hurt like they did before when my RS-1's first arrived. But man they sounded great!

    So that got me thinking, maybe I should give the bowls another chance on the RS-1's. It turns out, they really aren't nearly as uncomfortable as I originally thought they were, and the sound really is improved over the comfies I had been using.

    Go figure!

    So now it's bowls all around! [​IMG]
  2. CMasten
    I found that washing the bowls a few times with a mild detergent to soften them up a bit made them much more comfortable.. and I have to agree, I like the bowl sound best.
  3. GlorytheWiz825
    Yeah, bowls really bring out the clarity in the Grado headphones. It also tightens the bass quite a bit too. Comfy to bowls man myself. [​IMG]
  4. ryanhayn
    i went from flats to bowls. i first got my 325i's and thought the highs were too harsh. then i got the flats. i was happy. one day i decided to switch back to the bowls, just to hear the difference. now i'll never return to the flats. plus the headphones stay on my head better with the bowls...and to me they're just as comfortable.
  5. Zorander Contributor
    Hmmph...everytime I put on the Bowls with my MS-2, it always unfailingly sounds too harsh to my ears. All despite my wanting to love the Bowls. Looks like I'll be stuck with the Flats for long time.
  6. F107plus5
    Well; I guess I gotta dig back a few years to find out for sure, but if MS2i is like most every other current Grado model that originally started life with flats and then for some reason that John came up with, went to bowls, then it stands to reason that there was some good excuse for flats in the first place.

    So I guess; if we like flats, there's good historical evidence there for 'em. If we like bowls; that's cool too!

    I think it's great that we have a choice!
  7. Televator
    I love the bowls on my MS2i... have tried them with comfies and HD414's (modded/unmodded), but the bowls work best for me. I also have never had any comfort problems using them, which makes it quite a bit easier to love the sound as well [​IMG]
  8. lerio
    nelamvr6 did you tested flat pad ?

    Also you don't ear cymbal Too high ? [​IMG]

    For those who say they try bowls later and loved it, maybe it was after burn in ?

    I'll have to test them again later so [​IMG]
  9. F107plus5
    I was real happy with reversed 414s on my MS-1s and just assumed that I'd probably go with them on my MS2i also. But when I got the MS2i I just left the bowls in place rather than take the 414s off the MS-1s right away, just to give the bowls an honest chance. Turns out I just continued to leave them on since I didn't have a problem after all!

    I eventually did try the bowls on MS-1 and reversed 414s on the MS2i, and although I did notice I seemed to like the sound better with the bowls on the MS-1s and that the reversed 414s were a bit more comfortable on the MS2i, the differences weren't great enough for me to leave them swapped. I prefered the comfort more on the MS-1s than the slight increase in SQ, and I prefered the SQ more of the bowls than the little bit of comfort improvement "I" felt with the 414s on the MS2i.

    But I used the bowls entirely with my MS2i right from the start, and had no comfort or SQ issues with them. Just lucky; I guess.[​IMG]
  10. nelamvr6

    Originally Posted by lerio /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    nelamvr6 did you tested flat pad ?

    Also you don't ear cymbal Too high ? [​IMG]

    For those who say they try bowls later and loved it, maybe it was after burn in ?

    I'll have to test them again later so [​IMG]

    Oh yes, I used flats and comfies, both quarter modded and not.

    I don't find the treble too high, but then again I'm 47 years old, that may have something to do with it...
  11. feh1325
    i pad swap like nobody's business
    one hour i'll have the bowls
    the next i might want the hd414

    but i usually keep the unmodded hd414 for comfort reason
  12. micesol@yahoo.co
    I didn't like my RS-1s because they were so uncomfortable. Then I got them outfitted with headphile C caps and now they are wonderful.
  13. sum
    A couple of days ago I switched my flats on my RS-2s back to the bowls. I suddenly love them. The uber-brightness isn't there like I remember. They used to give me a headache, but not anymore.

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