How I got here, and what I am asking
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Oct 11, 2009
So good morning all (or good afternoon, evening or night depending where you are).

I have been looking around HeadFi for months now, maybe even years. And finally decided to join, this forum inspired me to purchase my first set of good IEMs which were the Shure SE530, unfortunately I swiftly returned these simply due to the poor wear and tear of the cable as well as the foam buds.

Another reason I felt the need to purchase the SE530s was the fact that I had recently reripped my entire music collection to WAV and really wanted to appreciate the detail and range the music had to offer, and the SE530s gave me just that, the highs that were never there before with other headphones and the complete balance too. (May seem a bit over exaggerated but coming from the Sony EX71 and EX90, I am sure you can appreciate it isn't)

I then recently decided that I would like some full size headphones to use at home, so naturally I went for the Sennheiser HD595, other than the very high sound leakage, I have been very happy with the 595s.

I also decided that I didn't want to keep on pushing the S-Jays into my brain everytime I was commuting, therefore decided to get some portable headphones, I had already had PortaPros in the past, but they broke, and also the sound blockage was non-existent with these.

Therefore I chose to go for the Sennheiser HD202, and what a mistake that was, they are bass heavy, muddy and have a very poor soundstage as well as fit and design which is really disappointing.

Thanks to everyone for all your advice and posts over the years that have helped me make my decisions.

So I want to ask today, what headphones would you recommend for commuting? I know Sony do quite a few VDJxxx and there is the PX100 etc, but I am not sure which to go for to be honest.

Any advice anyone please? Can anyone point me to some reviews? I listen to all sorts of music, electric, acoustic, rap, rnb, instrumental, so would like a good soundstage and bass too if possible

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Aug 21, 2009
go for higher end iems such as the w3? or the HD25 seems to be recommended alot if your looking for closed headphones...
but i have not used either, i've only used (some lower end stuff) IE8(which seems to fit your bill with good soundstage and bass the down side is you have to play around with tips to get a good seal and it's an 'open' type iem i used them with shure e2c tips which gave me a good seal once the music is player i can hear very little of the backgound noise) and now ACS T1 customs.... also have the D2000 closed headphones but they are probably too big and heavy for portable purposes, tho they do also fit your bill of soundstage and bass... i prefer them to the 595s
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Jan 17, 2006
Strange. I have had the Shure SE530 for nearly two months now and I use them quite a lot. I haven't had a problem with the cable yet. I know that the cable used to be a deal-breaker before. Luckily, since that time Shure has been using a different cable which has, as far as I can tell, eliminated all the problems people were having with the old cable. And did you mean the black foam olives when you mentioned the foamies? To each their own, of course, but I actually find the olives to be the most comfortable tips I've ever used, period. Do you know when your SE530 was actually produced? Did it have the old cable? Also, did you try Comply tips, just to see if they fit your ears better? I mean, why ditch IEMs for over-ear headphones altogether, when you were obviously very impressed with what the SE530 offered in terms of sound reproduction? You might indeed want to try another high-end IEM, like the W3, UM3X or TF10. While I haven't tried it, I honestly don't think the PX100 will give you what the SE530 did.

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