How good will HD580s sound on my Onkyo TX-SR600?
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May 26, 2006
After searching this forum, I know this type of question gets asked frequently; but I am interested in buying some HD580s and was wondering if anyone here knows if my Onkyo TX-SR600 receiver will do a sufficient job at powering them. Would it justify purchasing the headphones, or would I be better off just waiting and buying the headphones with an amp later? I would only like to spend $150-200, as I'm planning on blowing several grand on other stuff this year. I am open to other suggestions though, whether it's different headphones or a different setup for my budget.

As far as listening, my entire home theatre setup revolves around my computer, so when I am listening to the headphones, 95% of the time it will be with my computer. My sound card is a M-Audio Revolution 7.1, and I'm running digital coax to my reciever if any of that matters.

I can tell difference in audio quality fairly well, so I know I really want a pricey headphone amp, but I'm refusing to let that manipulate my budget at this time.
What can I expect from my receiver's headphone out? Thanks.
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Welcome to Head-Fi and sorry about your wallet . My opinion is to get the HD580s. They are an excellent value and can grow with your system should you decide to upgrade your source , amp or both down the line. They will sound good with your Onkyo imo. You just won't realize their full potential.
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talking about power, onkyo has plenty of it, i can drive k701 very well too.

about quality, don't expect too much, but don't expect a bad sound either...onkyo receiver has a good headphone output (even if i'm talkin about 602, don't know if 600 is different).
i'd definitely buy them
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Okay, thanks for the responses. At the very least it looks like they should be a fairly good improvement to the $30-$80 crap I've been afflicted with when I've needed to use headphones. These should be my first good pair of cans.

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