How good is the Headroom total bithead
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Aug 22, 2003
It seems that Headroom has made some improvement in the mobile line and the new total bithead looks tempting. But before spending another $200 I'd like to see some comparison between the amplification section of bithead and other amps in the same price range, say Xin supermini , a portable pimeta or portaphile. Search on past posts doesn't turn out anything useful.

Also if I turn off the power on the bithead, does it serve as a USB DAC with lineout? If so how does the SQ of the DAC compare to other DAC such as the DAC-ah, which can be had for $175 unmodded?
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Aug 3, 2005
Through a strange turn of events, I actually have a new T. Bithead for the next few days before I turn it over to it's final owner.

Firstly, it does not have a line out in that the volume control cannot be bypassed. While plugged in through USB, it cannot be turned off - it draws power from USB and remains on with the battery on/off switch set to off, and draws power from batteries when that switch is reversed.

I don't think the T. Bithead competes with other $200 amps, or $200 DAC's. It is a different animal. It is not the last word at that price point in sound quality in either it's analogue circuitry, or the DAC circuitry, however it does offer a unique combination of features, size and flexibility at that price point. In absolute SQ, remember its analogue circuitry is that of the $149 T. Airhead, with the $50 providing you with the USB DAC functionality.

All that being said, I thoroughly enjoy the sound of this little box, and love the way it can be attached with 'velcoins' to the back of a computer screen for example. Regarding sound quality, it is a serious improvement from the previous model T. Bithead that I used to own. Firstly, with my 650 it never clips off USB power, which the older model did quite frequently. Secondly, the gain switch really does lower the noise floor considerably with IEM's. And finally, the crossfeed is more natural sounding, with much less bloat to the sound than before.

I really recommend it, but not for someone looking for the absolute best single component at the $200 price point, but for someone looking for the best blend of features and components at that same price point.
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Apr 3, 2006
I have the Total Bithead attached to my Toshiba laptop and watch movies via my Audio-Technica A900s while flying and in my recliner. Great sound for action/adventure flicks! I simply love it.

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