How does an Indonesian City Sounds?
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Aug 28, 2013
Got a Tascam DR-05 and find it an intriguing thing. I am recording stuff around my house, and will soon be recording some real music with it...
To give an idea how the DR-05 "works" download this sample:
Its a 59.5 mb 24/96 flac, a recording in the evening on the edge of a rice field near a city in Bali, Indonesia.
You hear the rumbling of the city, plenty of animals, a mosque in the distance and some more.
With a headphone please :)
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Thanks ! Really neat sounding. I could sit and listen to this track for a while , kick back and close my eyes to it.
 What is that louder sound periodically, a bird? insect? frog?
Wow there's a LOT of things picked up in this recording.
Those are really interesting little recorders. I'm going to look into one of these . Thanks again.
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That's one decent and immaculate recording mate, gave me an uncanny feeling of tranquility when listening to it
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Thanks 62ohm..
I find it fascinating to only record the audible spectrum of our senses, and also to "hear around" what could be interesting...
The other day I recorded the sound of an overflying flock of hundreds of birds. Magic.
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feel free to post up other audio also !
I have some odd stuff like this saved somewhere from a source i forgot about. I think this person has a website where they post city and travel environmental sounds exactly like you did. Love that. Anyhow there were sounds of Okinanwan vending machines that sort of thing I find fun.

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Since u are in Bali...can u walk down to the beach n do a half hour recording...
Ok make that one hour...I need to chill man...!! :p
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One hour of 24/96 ocean should be around 1500mb, flac.
I did a bit of ocean the other day (5 minutes from my house), but I still need to get dead cat, windy....
The quiet american is a nice site, thanks nick.
I did record a (simple) gamelan orchestra just about 2hrs ago, almost 4 minutes, 24/96 flac 86.4mb
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  For Lorspeaker: (16/48 flac, 21.8mb, 3 minutes)
Just press repeat, if your DAP supports it :)
(With wind noise :frowning2: )

Nice one mate, I like the wind noise as well
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tony... u are the man!!!! enjoy your day at the beaches ok...its a lovely place...i can smell the salt :p
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Thanks for those this is exciting. Appreciated.
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Download over an hour of ceremonial (about a full CD) of Gamelan Music recorded at Tukadmungga Village on October 20th 2013 in North Bali. Included are 11 tracks with Lelambatan; music during prayers, sounds of the ocean, kids playing with the gamelan instruments, and music for Balinese dances; Tari Pendet, Tari Kebyar Duduk, Tari Cendrawasih and Tari Barong.
(mp3, 128/44.1 , 52.9mb)
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Awesome. Getting that now appreciate the effort.

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