How do you pronounce "the"?
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Nov 21, 2005
English is not my native language but I've practiced it enough to the point where most people say I sound like I'm from Ohio (or they're just messing with me). I thought I had pretty much mastered basic pronunciation.. until I came upon this little rule:

"The" is pronounced thee before vowels and thuh before consonants, except in emphasis where it's always thee.

I realize I say thuh all the time.
Now I have to think before each use of the article. BOO.

For you native speakers, did you learn to follow this rule or is it just something you do unconsciously?
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I say "thuh." Sometimes "thee" though. It all depends on what I'm talking about.
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English is also not my native language. I think I say both but I dont think about it. I say which ever way sounds better...
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English is not my native language either, is almost been 7 years since I moved to America, and I must say, the first three years are tough.

But anyway, Yes, I pronounce them differently under different condition.
It took me a long, long, long time to learn how to pronounce "th" sound though
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I usually only say thee when I'm saying "the answer is..." I find that people who say thee all the time sound more proper than those who say thuh, however I myself say thuh, because we southerners are lazy (and crazy
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How about "da" like in "da bomb"?
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Originally Posted by Singapura /img/forum/go_quote.gif
How about "da" like in "da bomb"?

My geek circle at my school likes to use that term too, like "OMG Amd/ATI is like totally being PWNED by da leet Intel".
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I don't think I always follow that rule. When I say "the" before a word that starts with an "o," I say "thuh" because it's pretty much the same sound, so they slur in to each other. "Thuh octopus" with no pause in between.

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