How do you listen to your music?
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@ panda: seeing your bedroom helps you imagine the performers being there in front of you? Lucky you
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Originally Posted by panda /img/forum/go_quote.gif
eyes open. doesn't make sense to listen with eyes shut. if you're trying to imagine that the performance is there in front of you, you are distracting yourself away from the actual music which defeats purpose of listening.

I don't think that closing your eyes automatically means you're imagining a performance. I find that the visual information gathered by keeping eyes open can sometimes be a source of distraction to the music. When I close my eyes, the only thing I "see" are the sounds (better visualisation of every note, NOT a scenery with people playing music).

That being said, I like to keep my eyes open too. Either to enjoy the very warm and dim light of my bedside lamp, or to avoid falling asleep.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik /img/forum/go_quote.gif
If I'm reading or using the Internets, then eyes open.

If it's serious, focused listening, then eyes closed.

OMG, like totally twinzies 1!1!!111

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