How do you know when you reached your audio nirvana?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by dale55, Dec 16, 2017.
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  1. god-bluff
    Well said as usual and very well done . I have zero understanding of the content of what he said. Just muddled gibberish to me, talking in meaningless riddles unrelated to the thread, but then im not the brightest spark by any means.l and I am, I think, now drunk........ slightly. HIC


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  2. gregorio
    1. That's apparently a lie, because ...
    2. Kettle, pot, black! YOU STARTED this confrontation by being condescending and insulting in the first place, effectively stating that I "constrain" my listening experience and implying that I don't "just want to enjoy listening to the music". Not only is this condescending and insulting, it's also the exact opposite of the truth! You then get all butt hurt when I'm condescending in return and accuse me of exactly what you're guilty of. Chuckle!
    2a. Kettle, pot, black!

    You are free to get your listening enjoyment however you choose. I've no objection even if you choose to get your listening enjoyment from the perception of your reproduction equipment rather than from the music itself (IE. From your equipment distorting the music). However, I do obviously object to you then stating "Guess I just want to enjoy listening to the music!" because not only was it stated to to be condescending but it's also apparently untrue!

    I cannot be held responsible for your ability (or lack of it) to understand, so why insult me because of your inability to understand, especially as I offered to provide clarification? Obviously you're not interested in understanding, you just want to bash an approach which is different to yours, without even understanding it first. This much is now absolutely clear from both your and GearMe's responses, so I withdraw my offer to provide clarification and hope you both enjoy listening to your equipment.

  3. god-bluff
    Thanks I shall :smile_phones:

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  4. richard51
    How do you know when you reached your audio nirvana?

    A very interesting question...Because in the last seven years I had think many times that this moment of nirvana was there at last... Each time to no avail...But It was only during the last months that I have understand my past illusions...It is not the conscious brain that know when nirvana is there, it is the reptilian brain, when your body listen to music and no more to the sounds...The choice of very good products is necessary, but was not for me a sufficient cause in itself of this nirvana experience...For me many,many modifications and experiments of my already relatively totl pieces of gear were the sine qua non condition to nirvana... No audio product, whatever the price, reach his optimal potential S.Q. right out of the box, this was the lesson I learned, experimenting and thinking were necessary....Now if i read reviews of costly gear it is without the urgent desire to spend more money and I smile listening music but to the sound no more... Happy new year....
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  5. GearMe
    Pot, meet Kettle...

    That could be considered condescending...just sayin' :ksc75smile:

    I'll close with a quote from another thread...

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