How do you know when you reached your audio nirvana?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by dale55, Dec 16, 2017.
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  1. castleofargh Contributor
    I know I've got something good for me when I only have a few things to complain about. I'd be reaching audio nirvana when I stop whining about stuff. so, never. ^_^
  2. Whazzzup
    When you are happy with what your listening too. The inflection point is meh and your mouse doesn’t scroll over manufacturing specs nor your left finger gets twitchy over the order button. The hobby changes for you from what’s next to hi how’s it going.
  3. Dulalala
    When you run out of money.
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  4. Oscar-HiFi
    When you stop chasing the gear, and just sit back and enjoy the music.
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  5. dale55
    I agree with this wholeheartedly. When I listen to either my computer headphone system or my hometheater rig I find myself just tapping along with the music and just getting into it. I can do this for long periods of time that the wife is not especially thrilled with! :)
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  6. Oscar-HiFi
    I ended up selling and re-buying the HE-500 due to the fact that I enjoy the sound and know they fit my preference. I feel with these I can just sit back and enjoy for hours. I did this with a couple of headphones, ended up buying them again as I stopped chasing newer gear due to having found what I like in previous gear.
  7. GearMe
    Hmmm...different strokes I guess. No desire here to train (or constrain) my listening experience.

    Guess I just want to enjoy listening to the music!

    (puts down his HD800s and picks up his Fostex or Grados) :gs1000smile:
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  8. god-bluff
    When YOU are happy and content :)
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  9. gregorio
    I have no desire for my listening experience to be constrained by ignorance and marketing BS, so that I can appreciate and enjoy it more, hence why I spend some time training it. Different strokes indeed!

  10. GearMe
    Chuckle...if imposing conditions on yourself increases your enjoyment of the music, more power to you! :beerchug:
  11. gregorio
    I prefer to free myself of the conditions of ignorance and marketing BS, if you prefer to remain imposed by those conditions, more power to you! Chuckle.

  12. Themordent
    Haha, I don't believe this is "correct" answer, but I somehow feel it's the truest. I was perfectly content and at peace as a starving student back in the day with cheap portable gear and IEMs on my desk, and I likely would have stayed that way if I remained poor.
  13. GearMe's been a long while since I've seen a form of "I know you are but what am I" used as a retort...grade school I think. Well done, sir! Well done.

    OK, I'll bite because folks that conduct discourse like you have so far can be entertaining...what are these conditions of ignorance and marketing BS that I've preferred to impose on myself?

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  14. gregorio
    I've already explained that in my first post to this thread. Now if you really didn't understand, I'm happy to provide some clarification but if you just which to continue your childish games (and then hypocritically accuse me of grade school semantics) then, no, you'll have to work it out for yourself or remain ignorant of what your ignorant of!

  15. GearMe
    No you really didn't. Your first post simply made a statement that modified the OP's original premise/question by removing their concept of the 'to me' regarding one's personal audio nirvana and then proceeded to espouse a different methodology (one based on what "IS best"...or fidelity).

    No issues here with a different approach -- live your life! What gets tiresome is the condescending manner in which you discuss things. If someone pushes back, stating that your methodology is not the best for them, you resort to insults...calling them ignorant and victims of Marketing BS.


    I'm curious, how am I'm ignorant and what it is I'm ignorant of. Am I ignorant because I don't choose to align my listening preferences strictly to 'fidelity' like you do? Seems a tad intolerant if that's the case!

    Additionally, it appears you think I'm gullible and have fallen prey to the Jedi mind tricks of 'Marketing BS'...a term you use consistently, along with others, to bash people on a variety of other threads...btw. Please explain how you reached that conclusion. The best way to do that would be to cite a specific example of the 'Marketing BS' that I brought up in my comments on this thread and explain how that 'Marketing BS' that has clearly duped my feeble mind.

    I find it amazing that you can determine the things you have from the content of my posts in this thread. FWIW, it may help for you to re-read my comments...without applying any preconceptions/biases.

    If you do so, you'll find that I simply stated I choose not to follow your path of constraining my listening experience nirvana strictly to fidelity -- hence the variety of cans I own; some of which I enjoy for the lack of 'fidelity' they introduce to my listening experiences (Fostex, Grado, etc.).

    I choose to pursue personal enjoyment (a subjective concept) of the music -- not what 'IS best'...according to you. At times, it may be high-fidelity (HD800 or Planars w/acoustic, classical, jazz) and at other times may be 'less than' high-fidelity (Fostex TH-X00 w/Hip Hop, R&B); my world, my choices, my personal ('to me') nirvana. Other examples of this are my tube amp, Grados for Rock, basshead and V-shaped cans, etc...all of which are, by design, not pursuing your Holy Grail of fidelity.
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