how do you find new music?
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Jul 15, 2008
just wondering.
personally i like to use or a similar website, although my ex introduced me to most of my favorite music. music festivals don't really work for me since many bands are far more entertaining live than on record.
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just recently i have started using pandora to stream music and i think this will help me find new stuff.
I also find a lot of music through late night tv shows. It might sound weird, but watching carson daily at 1:30AM has shown me a lot of new music including ray lamontagne, amos lee, and corine baily rea.
I also like to dig into my dads cd collection to find some music that old, but new to me.
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New music tends to find me. I don't really go out looking for it, but because I'm interested in music and have a lot of friends who are as well, I'm always listening to new things. I also "surf" the Sirius radio channels while driving, and that can sometimes go on for days on end. I think just having a music-oriented lifestyle and a curiosity for learning new things through music goes a long way.
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as much as i dislike myspace, myspace music is actually where i check out a lot of artists. they usually have songs posted and also if you like them you can check out other bands/artists with their similar sound by browsing their friends.
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pandora radio is my main source now. I used to check out magazines and podcasts and some music sites. not so much now. Ill keep an eye on pitchforkmedia and metacritic just to see what is the current buzz but I do not expect much. with pandora within the first week I have already racked up a good 40 or more artists that sound great to me that I never knew existed. Im swimming in new sound right now.
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Actually, I found quite a lot of new music on these forum pages. Apart from that, I still go regularly to brick n mortar record stores and browse to see what's new or re-issued.
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I find out about a lot of new music here at Head-Fi. I browse "Future Releases" at CD Universe. Reading "Rolling Stone," and "Paste" magazines get me onto new music now and then. I also check-out "Pitchfork" fairly regularly. I have heard new music on Sirius' "Left-Of-Center" and NPR's "All Songs Considered."
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iTunes Store, and the Music subforum...
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I tend to listen to the new releases every week on the listening stations at the local music stores. If something peaks my interest, but I want to find out more, then I check here, or the Steve Hoffman forum, Pitchfork, etc... and see what other folks think.

I also use our local station which is great at playing new stuff from the non mainstream releases. The station streams their broadcast, including a two week on demand archived stream. The playlists are online, so if you want to check something out, you can look at the playlists, and then just stream the song for a listen. Check it out at
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I use

That one. I was late to the party but am now sold. It is incredibly powerful. The new interface is even deeper - recommended pages go six deep for example, not to mention the other options the site offers.

Allow me an older guy moment. I still marvel at how blessed we are with the internet. The options are endless for discovery and enjoyment whether online retailers, social sites, blogs, or direct form artist. I'm a kid in a candy store. I think this is a golden age for music lovers, well until the next great advance materializes.

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