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How do the sennheiser ie8 compare to the hd650?

  1. AnnonTheMouse
    I recently traded up my AKG Q701s for a pair of HD650s and I am blown away. I love these cans! I liked the sound of my 701s before, but I found them fatiguing to listen to, and I was missing the bass. I love the bass impact when watching a movie like Jurassic Park on my computer and the 701s wasn't cutting it. The 650s are blowing me away and absolutely love the sound signature.
    So now to the point, I want to have that same sound signature everywhere I go. I have a pair of klipsch X10s and I am happy with them, but I'm thinking of switching them up for ie8s. My question to you Head-Fiers is, does the ie8 have a similar sound signature to the HD650s? Would you suggest I upgrade, or is it not worth while since I have X10s?
    I listen to all types of music, although I would choose a headphone more for classical music, jazz, and electronic music.
    Thanks for your help!
  2. XxDobermanxX
    I bought a sennheiser headphone that many people said had no bass and sometimes i wonder if we are using the same headphone smh , im not sure but i heard ie8 are similar to the hd 600 but only people who own it could give you some advice 
  3. muscular
    The IE8 sounds very similar to the HD650 in terms of sound signature.
    Just dont expect the IE8 to perform at hd650's level.
  4. BBBS
    And watch out for the amazing amounts of fakes. The fact that I can't trust eBay or Play and Amazon's marketplace for these puts me off owning them, because I'm not paying over the odds for the performance they offer.

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