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How do the MX 270s compare to the MX 580s?

  1. DragonLord
    I have a pair of Sennheiser MX 580 earbuds, and they're the best earbuds I've had in terms of sound quality (though I know there's better)--but the left channel has started to intermittently drop out. :frowning2: I'm not willing to spend big bucks on headphones (about $30 max), I go through them about two or three times a year, and I prefer traditional earbuds (not in-ear).  It seems they no longer make the MX 580s for whatever reason (B&H says discontinued), so I ended up ordering three pairs (!) of MX 270s as a cheap solution.
    My question is, how do the MX 270s compare in terms of sound quality to the MX 580s?  What about build quality?  Should I get the MX 580s repaired or replaced under warranty?
  2. JosephKim
    You should buy my mx580. lol
  3. AstroTurf

    If the headphone failed within its warranty period, then of course you should persue a warranty repair/replacement. Unless, you broke it.

    Just my opinion, Jim
  4. dflock
    MX580 for $18 shipped.
  5. sharonbava
    MX-580 has better instrument separation and the bass is not boomy as MX-270. It is tight and punchy in MX-580 and the sound stage on MX-580's are huge compared to MX-270. 

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