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How do I stop the daily email updates?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by rhythmdevils, Aug 8, 2010.
  1. rhythmdevils
    I get two of them everyday and I'm getting sick of deleting them.  They don't tell me anything I can't see by just loading the head-fi homepage, which is honestly quicker and easier than looking at the email. 
    I checked "web only" in the subscriptions preferences, but I still get them. 
  2. Stellvertreter
    Same here. I set my subscription settings to:
    Site Only (no email) You will not receive email on this subscription, but its updates will appear in your personalized homepage activity feed.
    It says that I won't receive emails but I still do. Something is wrong there :frowning2:
  3. rhythmdevils
    yeah that's the one I checked too. 
  4. headbob
    This was bugging me too, I had done what you did, but still received email.
    What did it was deleting all of my current subscritions manually.
  5. midoo1990
    i also want a solution for this.i get 2-3 emails for updates everyday via email.i cancelled the option to send me emails from my profile but nothing is working.
  6. Mr.Sir
    This is affecting me too.
    I first tried to change to weekly updates, but the daily e-mails didn't stop. Then I tried to turn off updates, but I still get daily and weekly subscription updates.
    Weekly updates seem a waste of time anyway - I was expecting one mail per week telling me all the updates in the last week. Instead I get an update every day which shows what has changed in the previous seven days.
  7. jude Administrator
    Report submitted.  Thanks the for the heads-ups.
  8. rhythmdevils
    Thank YOU Jude for being awesome
  9. rhythmdevils
    I'm still getting the email updates.  No worries it's not an emergency.  I just thought since I started the thread, I'd follow up.
  10. dallan Contributor
    Happens to me too, set on no mail.  Glad Jude is looking into it. No emergency just a nuisance.
  11. Uncle Erik Contributor
    I was getting them, too, but I changed my subscriptions to no email then manually cancelled all of the subscribed threads. I haven't gotten any emails since.
  12. Currawong Contributor
    I don't remember seeing it there before, but there's now a subscriptions link top-right.
  13. rhythmdevils
    I like having the subcriptions on my head-fi "homepage", it makes it reallly easy to keep up with threads I've posted in.  So I don't want to get rid of subscriptions all together.  I just don't want the email updates, because it's much easier/faster to just check the homepage, which shows me all the same info.

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