How do I solder 2.5mm jack?

  1. kwatch
    How do I solder this jack? There isn't much room for the negative(-) wire. This is for Hifiman headphone.

  2. MisterX Contributor
    Put it in a panavise, hit the little step (to the right of the threads in the picture) with flux, tin it , tin the wire, hit it with the flux again and solder on the wire.
  3. kwatch
    Not pretty but works.

  4. zacrobmer
    What brand jack is that? If you don't mind.
  5. kwatch
    Bought it from eBay. Look for "Upgraded 2.5mm Mono Jack Plug Connector Audio For HD700 Oppo PM-1/2 4Colour".
  6. HiGHFLYiN9
    2.5mm, especially TRRS, are tricky as the contacts are so tiny, especially if you are using larger gauge wire. Your solder joint on the sleeve looks like it may break off, did you get the area warm enough?
  7. MisterX Contributor
    Yup, needed some flux for better penetration. :wink:
  8. kwatch
    I guess I'll have to resolder it if it breaks off.
  9. Oscar-HiFi
    Yeah you need to get some flux, the solder will flow much better and provide a nice solid joint... That is not going to last long like that :)
  10. kwatch
    It was really hard to tin the 2.5mm jack(-) even though I used some flux. It was really easy to tin + side.

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