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How Do I Run Sound from My Creative Soundblaster Z Card to Bluetooth Headphones?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by blinkstar, Mar 19, 2018.
  1. blinkstar
    I hadn't realized before I bought my bluetooth headphones--Sony xb950b1e--that they would be incompatible with my Soundblaster Z car. Someone told me I might be able to pair them with an inline bluetooth adapter but I can't find a defintion of what that is, exactly. I want to pair them because I want to continue using Creative's simulated virtual surround rather than the plain old stereo signal I get otherwise.

    Any suggestions and/or help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
  2. Fan0Cans
    AFAIK any Bluetooth adapter you put in your pc, will act as the sound card for that Bluetooth headset/IEM, bypassing your sound blaster all together.
  3. HiCZoK
    It's a very relevant question since Koss Porta Pro wireless came out. I am interested in getting it but do not have any experience with bluetooth audio on pc. I guess it's not worth it over my e10k at all
  4. Fan0Cans
    I use a mixamp, and keep a bluetooth dongle connected to it so i can get my apple music from my ipad, and not have to stop playing my games.. i use siri a lot while gaming to change tracks, volume etc. works well.

    Bluetooth audios quality is passible in most cases i've found. BT lag is far more common and annoying to me. not noticed while listening to music, but if watching a movie or video sometimes you will see that delay.

    quality = e10k
    convenience = bluetooth

    thats not to say bluetooths horrible (some are) its passible enough i use it every day lol.

  5. snapz47
    go wired ftw
  6. BrightCandle
    I found a bunch of bluetooth transmitters that will take a 3.5mm input and send audio on amazon. You can't get the microphone as well but they do work for the purpose of sending audio to a bluetooth headset.
    Fan0Cans likes this.
  7. Fan0Cans

    i tried a different version than this one and the volume wouldnt go low enough (if that makes sense) this one however does have better volume control than the previous one i had made by MPOW.. but this one works great.. i own like 3 of them lol..

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