how do I rip cds to Flac?
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Jun 14, 2007
How do I do this?

I tried doing it with foobar but have been getting this thing asking for flac.exe...I'm pretty computer illiterate so please help me out

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You'll probably want to use EAC, all info can be read here:

Suggested EAC settings for FLAC - Hydrogenaudio Forums

It's pretty easy, check back if you need help
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^That's the link you want. I set up something called flacattack along with EAC. Make sure you rip with cuesheets, which will parse the songs for you during playback. I also like Foobar for FLAC-with-cuesheet playback. There are instructions all over this site, but I will say that the setup was less than straightforward & took some experimentation to get everything the way I wanted it.
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...or you download FLAC and put it wherever Foobar expects to find flac.exe: FLAC - download

Though personally I've done a two-step process of using EAC to rip WAV files first, and then I use MediaCoder to transcode to FLAC.

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