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How do I recognize a quality Toslink cable?

  1. onevstheworld
    I'm in the market for a Toslink to mini-Toslink cable to connect my Macbook Pro and/or Chromecast Audio to a Modi Multibit. I can fairly easily get Audioquest Forest and Cinnamon cables, but I'm somewhat tempted by some significantly cheaper generic ones. Are there any brands and/or other qualities I should be looking out for (material, thicknes, etc)? Also I'm assuming getting one with a mini-Toslink connector instead of using an adapter would give me a better connection.

    E.g. this

    Bear in mind I'm in Australia, so the usual suggestion of Monoprice doesn't work (a $2 cable costs $33 in shipping)

    Thanks :)
  2. colonelkernel8
    That'll work fine. If there is sound coming out of the Modi and there isn't something horribly wrong with the sound, you're doing perfectly. There really isn't room for "mostly working" in the digital world, it's either 100% great or it's terrible. Especially something optically decoupled.

    As an aside: It's somewhat humorous that they list "24k gold plated connectors" as if that matters on an optical cable... I'd look elsewhere, but frankly it shouldn't cost much more than what you're looking at.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2018
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  3. Mojo Warrior
    I believe that someone/reviewer/forum recently has listened to a variety of optical cables and could not reliably discern a difference. Trust your ears and protect your wallet. I have several inexpensive optical cables and could never hear a difference despite differences in construction.

    If you try an expensive optical cable use a seller that offers a return policy with a refund, if you are not convinced of its absolute superiority.

    Remember photons behave differently than electrons. So, over-built and over-priced wire is governed by different laws of physics than optical cables.

    "24K Gold Plated connectors" on an optical cable should be a WARNING !
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  4. onevstheworld
    Thanks for the feedback

    The cable will be fairly visible so I do have a secondary condition of one that looks aesthetically pleasing... both for my own preference and the wife-acceptance-factor. Good to know I won't be sacrificing sonic performance either way.
  5. yo2tup2
    Just make sure it’s a glass toslink! Even the cheap ones sound good! The more expensive ones sound different but not necessarily better.

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