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how do i get better soundquality with a Soundcard and a Receiver

  1. koppsach
    hello headfiers,
    I found an old computer somewhere and i want to use it as a music station. i have a bad onboard soundcard which sends the audio signal via AUX to a receiver.
    I thought it was better to just send the signal with an optical cable to the receiver, which then converts the digital signal and sends it to the speakers. probably i would need a cheap soundcard which is only responsible for providing a digital output to link the receiver with the computer. There is no perfect DAC in the receiver i know but i would definitly improve the performance, wouldnt I?
    thanks for the help
  2. koppsach
    i have a soundmagic hp100 also and i thought of buying a Fiio e17. Maybe i could leave the device connected via usb lying on my desktop sending out an analog signal and i just connect it to the aux input of my receiver. i dont know if this would work, because the fiio is a headphone DAC/AMP. but for the signal flow it makes sense for me...  what do you think about this solution, two problems solved??
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Get the FiiO L7 adapter to go with the E17, it allows the E17 to function like an external DAC, the L7's line-output feature will provide a slightly cleaner analog audio signal, to the receiver, then the E17's headphone output.
  4. cel4145
    What kind of receiver (make/model) is it?
  5. koppsach
    it's a Yamaha a receiver rx-v650
  6. cel4145
    GIven the age of that receiver, I'd probably bet on the E17 DAC to be better than the internal DAC on the receiver.
  7. koppsach
    yeah should be a good idea to use the E17 with the L7, so i have an additional AMP/DAC for my Soundmagic HP100 and an external soundcard for my PC or my friends'.
    Thank you

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