How do Grado/Alessandros hold out in dvds?
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Oct 1, 2006
How do they hold out for dvds? I know they are great for music. I hear sennheiser could win the best all arounder award for being good at music, movies, and games. Though how does the grado/alessandro do for dvds and other movie media?
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not the greatest..
might be pretty good for documentary films, those of heavy narration
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Yeah, not brilliant. In particular, action movies need lashings of bass for explosions etc to sound realistic. Also the condensed soundstage of grado phones renders them pretty poor in this regard.
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Not the greatest with movies on DVD, but I always try to catch the Formula 1 races with my MS2i as they do a great job of pulling the voices out from the rest of the stuff, and making it much easier to undertand.

The voices are well anchored, but the cars can still be noticed zipping all around!
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decent... But again it depends on the kind of sound youre after. The grado dynamics and slam makes them very enjoyable IMHO. Their lack of soundstage however makes some things sound too closed-in
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I love the Black Dragon GS's for movies..I rarely reach for anything else now for DVD's or music..

In fact, they could be the most accurate phones I have ever heard for movies (excluding the HP-2 and PS-1 because of their projected smaller headstage)..pound for pound, the GS 1000 does very well with movies, but the other Grado phones do not sound as good, even the RS
Hope this helps some
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Yes generally Grado's would not be my first choice for movie watching.

Comfort becomes an issue after a while, you find yourself readjusting them which distracts from the story. Also sound-stage isn't optimal for movie watching, and while not as bad as watching a movie with IEMs, there are better choices out there.

I love my Beyer DT990s for movies, they have great bass, a wide soundstage and comfort, well, lets just say there's not even a need to bring that up! Comfort is never an issue.
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Grados lack of soundstage width will be the sore point for watching movies and playing games. That aside, like most already mentioned above, they will excel at picking out faint vocals and speeches which does help a lot. And that dynamic airyness will compensate for lack of Soundstage.

But when playing Age of Empires III, I will use my PortaPro for that surreal slam and ambience, gunshots and skirmishes sound effect from a PortaPro never failed to drag me further into the game

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