How did you turn into an Audiophile?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Sep 3, 2008
I have used headphones for a while (5-6 years) and the brand I always used was Koss, since their HQ is like 1 mile from where I live. I started out with a vintage pair of PRO4AA headphones and liked them a lot. Then I wanted more SQ and upped it to the PRO3AAT since I heard they were superior to the old PRO4AA's. Wouldn't you know that "Upgrade Syndrome" struck me not long after I got them and I bought the new revised form of the 4AA's. Whoa!!! What a difference over the PRO3AA's.

This was all a few years back. Now about 2 months ago I decided to get another pair of cans. After much research I decided to get the HD595's. When I first heard them, I was blown away. I couldn't believe how much better they sounded than the Koss ones. So I had them for about 2 weeks before "Upgrade Syndrome" showed it's head again. Now I itched for an even better sound. After I got my first taste of Audiophile sound, I was hooked and I wanted better.

I started researching again, built a CMOY, and then ordered some HD600 cans off of eBay. These thing just blew the HD595's plain out of the water. I was mad that I the HD595's since I got the HD600's for less than the other pair. So I had them for several weeks before I started to get bored of the sound. It was way to relaxed for me tastes, and I needed a more aggressive sound. That's when I found the DT880's and I read many reviews for them. The only reason I chose them is 'cause I heard they had a more "straight-forward" sound, which I like more than the lazy Sennheiser sound.

Before I bought the DT880's, I thought it was time for a better amp. So I bought the "Total AirHead" and it was a big step up from my CMOY. So now I bought them on amazon for $188 and I'm absolutely in love with them. The bass has more extension, the vocals more up close, and a mid-range that's just nice. These things are just awesome!!

But I still hunger for a better sound... so I think it's time to invest in a better surround sound system, and maybe better speakers...

Ooo, that was a long story. Now how about you guys?
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Short Version

My old headphones broke, and I looked online for a replecement. I found Head-Fi.
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Yeah, I mainly chose headphones based on what the member's here said.
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Wanted to increase my frag count on CS with a good pair of headphones -> found head-fi.

My gaming needs were satisfied with an X-FI + HD555. However with better sound, music became much more enjoyable and important to me (although it was always pretty important). My taste in music broadened and evolved a lot since, and now this hobby is strictly for the sake of enjoying music more.

I'm still a newb though. All I own are an X-fi, gen1 nano, hd555, recabled d1001, bose in-ears, and a Fiio with diy IC. I'm now in the market for a pair of good IEMs to replace the bose in-ears (I need much better isolation for commuting) and a portable amp/dac (considering going DIY route) just because I'm curious. After that, I'll be ready to make a semi-high-end fullsize headphone upgrade!
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I find the HD600 good for COD4. They are mainly used for that... heh..
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I saw an american express commercial with K701s in it and somehow I ended up here with no money
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Originally Posted by Exediron /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Short Version

My old headphones broke, and I looked online for a replecement. I found Head-Fi.

Long version = my sig :p
Should update it though.
So glad they broke :p

People on two gaming forums look to me for advice haha.
And yeah, my money that was going to buy me a new computer..haha..thanks Head-fi!
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Originally Posted by Fitz /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I was kidnapped by Kirosia and imprisoned in his Hello Kitty dungeon until I was adequatedly trained in the ways of the Audiophile.

kirosia didn't do that to you. I did. you didn't notice since you were blindfolded.

anyways, I ended up here by google.
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Bought a pair of E2C's after browsing head-fi, than stopped for 2 years before looking for upgrades (Ended up buying UE Sf5pro) and started coming back. Than I went on a massive spending spree, and now have amps and other bits and pieces. In fact, I'm thinking of trading my recently purchased AKG K601s for something with a bit more slam.
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Well when I discovered HD, I became a bit of a videophile and was hooked on it and would only watch things in HD.

It seemed like a natural progression to move to audio so that I can enjoy more of my senses. I went to /mu/ and asked for headphone recommendations and ended up getting Grado SR-60's. It wasn't till about a year later that I joined this place and got my yuins. I'll be buying an amp soon too.
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I was trying countless different headphones and just wasn't happy with anything that I bought. They either sounded like **** or broke. My older brother said I should go here and check out reviews of the KSC75 so I did and I loved them.

It's been pretty painful on my wallet but at the same time I've learned a ton of **** about sound reproduction and learned to appreciate a lot of different music in the process.

The only purchase I made that I regretted was the V-moda vibes. That was the last time I ever bought into some FOTM ****.
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A few years ago, I figured out that my iBuds sucked. Looking for new headphones, for some reason my first thought was to simply type "" into my address bar and see where it led me. I accidentally left out the "s", bringing me to HeadRoom.

Although I figured, having come across the company so by chance, they were probably some terrible shady headphone dealer, the reviews seemed fairly honest. I coveted the high-end cans they had: AKG k701s, Sennheiser HD650s, etc., but since I was just looking for cheap iBud replacements I ended up going for the AKG K 26 P. I never forgot those awesome-looking headphones though.

I was fairly happy with my AKG K 26 P, but didn't notice as big of an improvement as I had hoped with my crappy 128k MP3s, and they were uncomfortable, I preferred the iBuds for daily use. I stopped thinking about headphones.

Flash forward a year or so. I've begun listening to mostly V0 MP3s, and some FLAC. I decide to experiment some more with the AKG K 26 Ps. Suddenly, even those modest headphones blew away the iBuds. I was hooked. I needed more. I Googled for headphone reviews, and ended up here (learning, once I came here, that the "shady headphone dealer" I had come across earlier was actually known and respected in the audiophile community). The rest is history.

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