how did you ship your ear impressions?
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I recently shipped my ear impressions by putting the small box they were given to me in into another slightly bigger box. The box given to me by the audiologist had a soft piece of foam inside it to restrict the movement of the ear impressions but they could still move a tiny bit if I shook the box. I am now worried that I should have protected them better. How did you ship your ear impressions?
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My audiologist glued the impressions down in the bottom of a small cardboard box so they couldn't move. No packing was necessary. I then put the box into a priority mailing pouch and mailed.
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I had mine in a small box, then wrapped the whole thing with bubble wrap before putting it in a larger box for mailing.

+1. I actually had to have mine retaken because the first set was done with my mouth closed...didn't get the JH Audio "Audiologist Tip Sheet" until after the fact. But I got a second one sent out the same way and both got received intact by JH Audio. I did have them sent Priority Mail with tracking, just in case.

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