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How can we change our sigs?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by mobayrasta, Aug 9, 2010.
  1. mobayrasta
    I can't figure out how to change my sig. Can someone please help me?
  2. violinvirtuoso
    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Go to head-fi's home page.
    3. Click on your username (where it says "Greetings, _______!")
    4. Scroll down to where it says "Your Forum Signature". This is located below "Your Recent Activity" and below "Your Albums". It is located above "Your Lists".
    5. Below "Your Forum Signature" (and directly above "Your Lists") is blue text reading "Edit Signature Text". Click on that blue text.
    6. Type in your desired signature and hit save.
    Let me know if I am unclear and I will try to clarify.
    Hope this helps!
  3. mobayrasta
    I feel pretty stupid. I had just never scrolled down there..........
    Thanks for the help.
  4. junkanoo

    Wish I could. 
    I'm running Firefox on Windows XP. 
    I can ONLY log into the forum.  Going to Head-Fi's HOME page from that page logs me out and REFUSES to accept the same login and password at the "home" page. 
    I also can't edit my posts as that option is not showing.  This forum software I'm using to log into another forum that I frequent and does not have any of these problems. 

  5. Mad Max


    Do you have NoScript installed?
  6. junkanoo
    But my set-up works fine on Home Theatre Forum which also uses Huddler's forum software ...
  7. Mad Max
    But it's a different site anyway.  Are you sure NoScript isn't blocking head-fi.org?
  8. krmathis Contributor

    Disable NoScript and try again...
  9. junkanoo
    That fixes the problem.
  10. krmathis Contributor
    Great to hear!
    All these JavaScripts are lame, but guess we have to live with it in here... [​IMG]
  11. Mad Max
    I'm running NoScript as well, you just have to unblock head-fi.org.
    I love NoScript, it allows me to block most of those darn annoying ads throughout the web.
  12. Hero Kid
    ^ AdBlock Plus for the win. I'm so used to it now I sometimes find myself wanting to block the adds on tv and billboards. [​IMG]

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