How can I get in contact with Schiit audio to establish business with them

  1. Sound Eq

    Hi everyone, I have sent emails and private messages to Schitt Audio to arrange with them to have a distributor in Israel through an audio company here in Israel, I never got a reply from them whether by email or through head-fi, also the owner of the company tried by emails and through head-fi and no reply what so ever. The audio company here in Israel is a big distributor of high end gears such as Astell and Kern, Campfire, eudioengine, Grado, peachtree, meze and many others

    After the audio company gave up in getting any reply I thought maybe I can help and I sent a message to Baldr and Jason Stoddard

    I was wondering how can I get in touch with them or have a reply from them

    Kindly can anyone assist

    Best wishes
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  2. summerday
    Why not call them?
  3. Sound Eq
    we tried to call them and all we get is an answer machine
  4. summerday
    Try an indirect way to contact them, like finding other distributors of Schitt Audio.
  5. Sound Eq
    well to be honest a company that does not reply to tons of emails or messages here for over a month, or by phone shows simply they do not care about potential business partners and are questionable in my book.
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